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40 Workwear Styles for Every Woman - Chigi's World
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40 Workwear Styles for Every Woman

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Hi Ladies,

Hows your week going? They say fashion is what you buy in the store and style is what you do with it. So as a woman it is important to find and develop your style because this is part of your identity. Your appearance and style are one of the ways you can make a good first impression when you meet people because it’s how you package and present yourself to others. This can be easily done if you create a process and strategy to put your outfits together, wear it, rock it and then carry yourself with class and confidence so today I’ll be sharing some style tips and 40 workwear looks for every woman.

As a working woman this is even more important because not only are you in a professional setting, but you are in an environment where you’re interacting with lots of people (colleagues, strangers, bosses, managers, executives) and you want to always represent yourself in the best possible way so that you exude positive feelings, confidence, assurance, assertiveness, strength and all the other great qualities that make people trust you to be, do and deliver what is expected of you.

Although beauty comes from within, if you don’t put in the effort to show your inner beauty outwards or look well groomed and put together, it’s hard for people to take the time to get to know you or want to see more. In a world were people are having shorter attention spans, less time to truly engage and connect, the reality is that as visual people we are first attracted by what we see which then makes us pause to want to know, see or get more.

So, think of the woman you want to be, her thoughts, feelings, attitude, character and personality and communicate all those great things with your style, dress like her, step into her shoes and be her and not only will you be strutting on a different and better level, but your experiences will also be better.

Here are some of my favorite workwear looks with some style tips for the classy, confident woman to not only look great but to help conquer your day.

  1. Workwear doesn’t have to be boring and plain. Your outfit can be comfortable, functional and still fabulous. Use your clothes, shoes, handbags, outerwear and accessories to create the image you want.
  2. Palazzo or Wide Leg pants are my favorite for work. They look fabulous, fit great and give you a powerful look. This can be worn by styling it in a suit set, wearing a classic button down shirt or a cute blouse. You can never go wrong with in this.
  3. Midi dresses are my other favorite things to wear for a more feminine and elegant look but I usually layer with a blazer, sweater or vest if I wear a fitted dress.
  4. Add bold colors and prints into your look to add more personality to your outfit if not everyone starts to look uniform and thesame in the usual black, brown, grey or dark blue workwear. You don’t have to be very colorful like me, but you can start by wearing print or colorful shoes, blazers or vest with neutral clothes and once you’re comfortable, you can graduate to wearing colorful clothes with solid colors or neutral clothes with bold prints before you get to the phase of mixing and matching everything like me.
  5. Dress up how you’d like to be addressed because the fact is people judge or assume things about you the first few seconds they meet you, so dress up and show up how you want to be seen and control the narrative.
  6. Your workwear looks should be professional and chic, but also be comfortable, be yourself, dress to impress and be memorable.
  7. If you have dress code at work which limits what color you wear, then get creative in the style of outfit within that color range and how you style and accessorize it.
  8. Wearing heels, vertical stripes, solid colors, midi dresses or high waist pants/skirts elongate your body so you appear taller and more slender than you are.
  9. Wearing belts, high waist pants/skirts and layering with cardigans, blazers or vests make your midsection appear smaller.
  10. Always wear a good bra, underwear and shapewear underneath your clothes for better coverage, support and fit of your outfit which also helps with your posture and how well you carry yourself.

Below are different ideas to help inspire and elevate your work wear style. Get creative and have fun with it.


































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