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How to make a statement in Print this Fall - NYFW Edition - Chigi's World
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How to make a statement in Print this Fall – NYFW Edition

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Fashion is the way you express yourself without having to speak. I’ve always believed in the power of self expression and having a voice. Fashion is the way I communicate who I am, what I love, what I believe in with the world and I personally feel that it should have no rules. As long as I’m not being harmful to others, I feel that everyone should be allowed to be themselves.

My style is usually described as bold, vibrant, creative and classy. I want to make the right first impression and I want people to feel my confident and creative personality by seeing what I wear and how I carry myself. I like to look unique and memorable because I’ve realized that my super power is being ME.

It’s an interesting world we live in right now. I feel excited and privileged to live in a world where women have decided to grab the world by the lapels according to Maya Angelou who said “I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch, you’ve got to go out and kick ass.” I love clothes and styles that communicate power, strength, intelligence and confidence. Also as a modern working woman who’s navigating life as a boss, I love functionality of clothes so I’m able to go from desk to dinner without compromising on style and comfort.

Although society is much better right now, we live in a world where women are always scrutinized and judged, hence they become self conscious. God forbid that you’re a beautiful woman and love, talk and breathe fashion, because you may be categorized as being superficial, shallow, unintelligent etc. I respect women who choose to wear more masculine clothes to gain more respect in the work place but also those women who say to hell with the rules, dress very feminine and still kick ass at their jobs. I style myself and dress up based on how I feel and what statement I’m planning to make, and no matter how I look, my clothes do not define me. I am much more than what you physically see.

Therefore, my look today was built around this African print coat I designed for Fall and rocked in NYC during New York Fashion Week (NYFW). I wanted a classic silhouette in a bold and colorful print which could work for both Fall and Spring. I also wanted a statement piece that I could wear multiple ways and wear all day from work to meetings, happy hour or dinner. For this look, I decide to complement and not compete with the print jacket by wearing a solid cream colored blouse and a teal/green pencil skirt. Then I accessorized with my go to Siammpatra accessories, some brown pumps and a pop of yellow colored clutch purse. Not only did I feel confident and bold, but I felt fabulous and I had so many people walk up to me to compliment my style.

I hope you love this look and be more brave and inspired to express yourself with your style. You can shop my look with links below. Have a fabulous day.



Outfit Details

Top – White Blouse from Forever 21 sold out. Similar (here).

Skirt – High Waist Pencil Skirt from ASOS (here), similar from ASOS (here), Target (here).

Coat – The Michelle Coat from 3reec’s – Chic Creation and Collections, similar (here).

Shoes – Brown Women’s Step N’ Flex Jeules Pumps from Alfani in Macy’s (here), similar from Nordstrom (here).

Handbag – Envelope clutch purse from She In (here).

Jewelry – Gold Box Chain Link Cuff Bracelet and Chain Link Statement Ring from Siammpatra (here), The Marble Cocktail Statement Ring from Siammpatra (here). Use code CHIGISWORLD and get 15% OFF any item.

Sunglasses – Cat Eye Sunglasses from NastyGal (here).