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Newborn Baby Essentials

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Hi Darlings,

How are you? Our sweet baby boy turned 6 months today and we are just so grateful for him and thank God that we’ve survived the first 6 months as new parents. Being a new mom isn’t easy, there’s so much to learn and adapt to and the last thing you want is a baby who is cranky or fussy. As new parents, we wanted to provide our son with everything we thought he needed and our loved ones showered him with lots of gifts and items from our registry which we’re so grateful for. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite products that got our son to relax more and helped us sleep a little better so we could maintain our sanity. Below are our list of newborn essentials from 0 – 6 months that was most helpful to us because he loved them the most.

Swings & Play Sets

In the first few weeks/months, our son loved the boppy lounger and rocker but as he got older he would get restless on those and we had to get him the swing which he loved. It was the best thing to keep him entertained and it helped him fall asleep. Also he hated tummy time and using the play mat until he started moving around more and started turning around.



Soothing Pacifier

A pacifier is always a great soother. He doesn’t always use it but he needs it when he gets hungry, fussy or sleepy. It usually calms him instantly.



Swaddles & Sleep Suit

Our son was never a good sleeper if you compare him to some of his peers I hear who sleep 10-12 hours straight at night. Homeboy wakes up every couple of hours and initially we had to swaddle him because of his startle reflex. The Merlin Sleep is also great but he prefers to sleep on his tummy or side.



Using sound machine or music has been great in calming our son down and helping him fall asleep. For him the best is the ocean waves or the rain drops. In fact the sound machine is great for us parents to help us sleep. It’s the perfect volume to relax us without muffling him if he wakes up and starts crying.



Others Soothers 

Here are some other things my son loved in his first few months. The wipe warmers, lounger and baby carrier were essential in keeping him relaxed and happy.


I hope this helps. We are currently sleep training him and will share more about that later. Have a blessed day.