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8 Things to Know Before Starting a Blog - Chigi's World
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8 Things to Know Before Starting a Blog

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Hi guys!

Have you ever wished you knew the real deal about something or someone before you got involved? Did you feel that people were not being open or honest about certain things that might have saved you the trouble? Well, I feel that sometimes people don’t take the time to share their knowledge and experience because of 3 things. (1) They are so busy and haven’t had the time to stop, reflect and share. (2) Others may be waiting on someone to ask (3) But for some, they probably don’t want to share and may have the mindset that if they hustled hard and learned the hard way, then everyone else should too.

As for me, I strongly believe that when I go through a process, especially when it’s a difficult process, it is for a reason. Through every experience, I learn and grow as a person, but I also feel compelled to help others who are going through the path I’ve already traveled. This is why I decided to put together some major points everyone needs to know before they start blogging, because this will help you evaluate yourself, your ideas and goals.

  1. Blogging is hard work – Just like starting a business, it is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do but it’s also one of the most fun, rewarding and best adventure you’ll embark on. You’ll learn so much about yourself and acquire so much knowledge and skill on the way.
  2. You must have a passion for it – Blogging cannot primarily be about money, fame or freebies, you have to be passionate about your blog and what content you create if not it shows. If you’re not being authentic your audience cannot trust you.
  3. You have to network and build a community – Sometimes as a blogger it’s easy to get distracted with number of followers you have and wanting to grow especially since growing on Instagram has gotten a little harder but I want to remind you, it’s not about the numbers. Blogging is about networking, engaging and building relationships with other brands, bloggers and your audience to build a community.
  4. Blogging is super saturated – There are thousands of influencers in this industry, especially fashion bloggers but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get into it, it just means that you have to be aware and be unique with you style and content.
  5. You have to be authentic – This is the only way any brand/business/blog can thrive and succeed. You have to be true to yourself and develop your authentic voice in your blog and world because this is what makes people trust you and helps you define your niche.
  6. You have to treat your blog like a business – Before you start your blog, you have to decide if your blog is a hobby or a business because this determines the direction you go with it and how much time and effort you’ll put into it, which also determines how successful it will be.
  7. Support other bloggers – Blogging may feel like you’re back in high school with it being very cliquish but if you make an effort to connect and support other bloggers who are already in business, it provides a platform for you to learn and plan appropriately how to launch your blog. This also helps you find your tribe and you realize that you are not alone and you are actually stronger together.
  8. Invest in yourself – Nobody will believe and invest in you and your blog if you don’t invest in yourself. To learn the business of blogging, you have to invest your time and resources in articles, blogs, workshops and even coaching by a mentor. The beauty of this is you get to learn from other people’s experiences and find what works best for you without making the same mistakes we may have made.

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