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Brand Development - Finding Your Niche - Chigi's World
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Brand Development – Finding Your Niche

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Hello Style Lovers and Boss Babes,

As a blogger and business owner, some of the biggest questions I get are;

  1. How do I start my own blog or business?
  2. How do I grow my Instagram followers and clients?
  3. How do I market myself and make myself more visible?
  4. How do I monetize my blog etc.

Like any other business, before you start your blog/business, you have to first evaluate yourself and ask yourself certain questions like who you are, what do you like, what are your values etc. You cannot start or grow something without building a solid foundation and having a clear focus and niche. When I started blogging last year, I didn’t know who to talk to or where to go to get answers and direction from, so I used some of my knowledge from being a business owner of an online store, started researching and reading lots of content to help me. Eventually I started meeting other bloggers who had more experience in this world that I could also learn from and since one of my passions is always to empower other women through education, I decided to also share my knowledge and experience with other boss babes to equip them with the resources and tools to create, grow and sustain their business and the life they’ve always dreamed of.

After doing an in depth self-evaluation to identify your values, passion and purpose, the next step is developing your brand by finding your niche. This is sometimes the most overlooked step in building and launching a brand/blog, but it is one of the most important steps that will help you develop a clear vision for your business and it is the foundation that will direct everything else you do. This will save you lots of stress and help you go from passion to purpose, it will be the force that attracts a loyal audience/clientele and help you build your community. Your niche is not just about what you feel or think of doing, it’s much more complex than that. It is specific and at the core of who you are, these are the people that can relate to you and need your content, products or services.

Also, you have to remember that in the process of evaluating your passion and purpose to find your niche, you have to make sure you know who you are, that you are confident in who you are and what you want to do because you need to be authentic with your content and the work you do. To find your niche, you have to define your brand and your audience, research what problems your audience has, what is most important to them, brainstorm how you can be relevant to them, how you can solve their problems, how you can make an impact in their lives and develop your brand’s message.

I hope this is helpful, but for more details Sign Up and get Access to the Free Self Evaluation and Finding Your Niche Worksheet which will be released on my birthday November 13 as my gift to you. This will guide you in asking the right questions and help you brainstorm to find answers to those pertinent questions like what does your ideal audience look like, where are they in life, what milestones are they reaching, what do they do, where do they shop, how do they relax, what type of life do they live etc. You can also Sign Up for a Free 30mins One-on -One Consultation with me.

Have a beautiful day and get outfit details and shopping links below.



Outfit Details

Dress – Blue Stripe Shirt Dress from A’GACI sold out, similar from TopShop (here), Target (here), BCBG (here), Nordstrom (here), Bergdorf & Goodman (here).

Coat – Double Breasted Scallop Edge Cape Coat from SheIn (here).

Shoes – Brown Rock Stud Over The Knee Boots from Shoedazzle (here), similar from Target (here), Amazon (here), Zappos (here).

Handbag –  Colorblock Purse Collection Handbag from Style Cycle.

Hat – Color block Hat from Target sold out, similar (here).

Sunglasses – Oversize Round Retro Sunglasses from A’GACI.

Ring – Cattleya Cocktail Statement Ring from Siammptra (here).


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