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Business & Leadership Tips from the BlogHer19 Conference - Part 2 - Chigi's World
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Business & Leadership Tips from the BlogHer19 Conference – Part 2

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Hi Darlings,

I hope your day is going well. I recently shared that I attended the BlogHer19 Creators Summit in New York and here is a continuation of some business and leadership tips I got from the event. As the saying goes, you can never have too much informaton. Below is Part 2 (Tips 26-50) of my summary and you can click Here for a review of Part 1 (Tips 1-25).



26. Make your mistake on someone else’s dime so before you leave that job or project, do your best and learn as much as you can.

27. If you don’t know what to do, just do anything. Don’t let fear or doubt paralyze you, just start doing something with what you have from where you’re at and you will learn and grow from your experience.

28. Always take action, it’s better to do something and ask for forgiveness than to be stuck waiting for someone to give you permission.

29. Keep learning because there’s always something to learn and there is no such thing as failure, if you try it and it doesn’t work, just learn from it and move on.

30. There’s nothing you can’t learn if you set your mind to it.

31. Stay informed on what’s going on in the world, your industry, your community. Diversify your platform and content to reach different people in impact them in different ways.

32. So many women are doing amazing things in the world, stay connected and support women owned business and people or businesses who champion women’s cause.

33. Mentorship is great and it doesn’t have to take place through direct contact in a one on one relationship. You can be mentored by studying someone’s work, journey, their experiences, wins, failures, character and principles.

34. You can learn a lot from someone’s success but you can learn much more from their hardships, challenges and so-called failures.

35. Your network determines your net worth because people are priceless, so learn to connect and keep in contact with people because people are assets not to be used as a means to an end, but to be valued, respected and appreciated.

36. Learn to stay focused and tune out the noise if not you’ll never accomplish your goals or reach your destination.

37. Be authentic, stay passionate about what you do and always create from that space.

38. Everyone’s path is different, trust your instinct, take a leap of faith and even if you fall instead of flying, get back up, strategize and do it again.

39. Time & freedom are the most valuable asserts you have, so manage it and use it wisely.

40. Find a niche, be your most authentic, unique and weird self, in there resides your strength.

41. Your mental health and selfcare is important, you’ll be more productive and happier once you can better manage your emotions and stress.

42. Turn your anxiety into excitement and watch yourself flourish.

43. Act like every job or opportunity is your dream and show up to be and do your best.

44. The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself and with God so invest in it because this affects every other relationship you’ll ever have.

45. Connect organically with your community by showing your personality, being vulnerable & share your daily experiences.

46. Challenge people to also create and not be only consume. Learn to give & not just take. Learn to replenish, give back, help people and pave the way for others behind you.

47. When it comes to creating content, the title should be compelling but simple and have a detailed description. Also, the title of your post should be based on how people search for things e.g. Family Friendly Holiday Trips, Vacation Food, Detox Juice Recipes

48. On Pinterest you can re-pin an old pin and you can create multiple pins leading to the same post.

49. Pinterest videos 50secs long or 2 mins and in a square layout do the best.

50. Pick a cover video that stands out, create new content weekly and be consistent to be more visible on Pinterest. For more information go to

I hope the above list was a great reminder for you. Kindly leave any feedback or questions below.