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Post Partum Body Confessions - Chigi's World
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Post Partum Body Confessions

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Hello Friends,

Pregnancy is such a beautiful and life changing experience, but it can also be very challenging. Your body goes through so many changes which can affect you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

One of the biggest and most obvious changes are the ones to your body, most especially the weight gain. Although some women may gain little weight (less than 25lbs -35lbs) and easily lose weight after having their baby, most women gain a lot more weight (more than 35lbs) and have difficulty losing it all after delivering their precious baby.

Beyond the weight, a woman’s body just feels different after having a baby from hormonal changes and effects of the delivery process weather you have a vaginal or C-section birth. Although women are grateful for the miracle of creating and nurturing life, the truth is there are things we may struggle with within ourselves as we adjust to our new life and new normal.

For all the mothers out there, how did your body feel after having your beautiful babies? How was your journey to get back your health & body & how long did it take?

As I said on my Instagram, I’m so uncomfortable sharing these pictures of me but I’m confessing these things to share my reality and connect with the millions of women out there who can identify with me.

This is me 7 weeks post-partum and here’s my confession.

  1. I gained about 75lbs during my pregnancy due to Fluid Overload from Pre-Eclampsia but in these pictures I’m smaller because I lost 40lbs after 4 weeks.
  2. My body feels so weak & I have no stamina even though I worked out 3 days/week regularly before I started my In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatments.
  3. Most of my clothes don’t fit me
  4. Sometimes I don’t feel attractive or comfortable in my skin, especially when I look in the mirror.
  5. Most days I wear just a tank top or t-shirt with sweat pants or leggings without any makeup. I have no energy to do much beyond taking care of my son and my basic selfcare.
  6. My skin is constantly breaking out. Sit seems like my glow and clear skin ended once my son was born which kind of sucks.
  7. I’m always tired and have muscle aches and joint pain all over my body.
  8. I had numbness to my lower abdomen after my C-section for almost 6 weeks.
  9. My skin has become so dry and I now have lots of stretch marks to my abdomen and hips like tiger stripes.
  10. My belly giggles so much when I laugh
  11. I get severe headaches when my blood pressure rises due to pre-eclampsia.

What are your post-partum confessions?

Despite all my body issues right now, I’m still very grateful for this body. I may not always see it, but deep down within me I still feel it’s beautiful. I thank God each day for giving me a healthy son and appreciate my body for thriving after all it’s been through. Also I’m learning to be patient and give myself grace as I get back on my Health & Fitness Journey to build up my life and body.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope you stay encouraged through your own journey. For more details of my looks, click the picture below and Shop.