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My Travel Essentials with an Infant - Chigi's World
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My Travel Essentials with an Infant

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Hi Friends,

How are you? As some of you guys know, we traveled about a month ago to Maryland to visit loved ones. It was our sons first trip and flight, so we went the day after he got his 2 months vaccines. Michael (hubby) and I are from DC and Maryland, so we have a lot of family and friends over there. We went to visit because we wanted our loved ones to get a chance to meet our son Chimaobi-Jax, and by the end of our trip he met alot of our friends, the rest of his grand parents, some of his uncles, aunts and cousins which was beautiful.

While planning our trip, we were initially nervous about how our son will handle the trip and react on the journey, but we got a lot of great tips and feedback from our questions which made us feel better. So while we hoped for the best, we were prepared for the worst which was him crying the whole trip. Eventually, we were so relieved, thankful and super proud of him because he did great and slept throughout the flight going an coming back except when we would feed him. I think what helped was getting organized and making sure we had all the essentials for our trip with a newborn.

Below is my list with some travel tips for you and your family.


1. Get Global Entry to you have to the TSA Precheck Program so you can get through security lines/clearance quickly and avoid intense scrutiny because you’ve already done a rigorous background check and interview for you to enroll in the program.

2. Make sure you take a Car Seat for your child, maybe a Stroller if you don’t have a baby carrier or both, unless you plan to buy/rent/borrow them when you get to your destination. We have this Graco Car Seat & Stroller set but here are some others I found.



3.Use a Baby Carrier like the Boba X I’m wearing or a Boba Wrap and wear your baby to get through the airport and security easier. We also have the Babybjorn Baby Carrier which we also have.



4. Arrive in advance so you’re not in a rush. I think it’s great practice to change and feed your baby before you board your flight. Also be ready to feed your infant or have them suck on their Pacifier on takeoff and landing to avoid earache or pressure. My sons favorite pacifier is the Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier that is distributed in hospitals.



5. Have a great diaper bag like my cute HaloVa Diaper Bag for your child with multiple compartments for all your baby items, most especially for your child’s feeding supplies.



6. Make sure their food is prepared and ready for feeding on your trip because a hungry baby is an angry baby. Baby food over 2 oz is allowed as long as you tell them at security check points for them to test the liquid food regardless of if it’s formula or breast milk. If your child is on formula this Anti-Colic Formula Mixing Baby Bottle or Mixer Baby Bottle will be great because you can store the powdered formula and water in separate compartments of the bottle and mix it when your child is ready to eat.



7. Have a pair of Earmuffs for your child for noise reduction and hearing protection if the airport or plane gets too loud or scary for them. During our trip my son didn’t need it because he was asleep and the noise didn’t wake or upset him.



8. Make sure you have warm clothes like Bodysuits and Joggers, Sweatshirts, Sleep and Play Suits, Mitts, Hats  and/or Socks for your child because the airport and plane is usually cold for most people. Also have extra diapers, wipes for your child or extra clothes for both of you in your carry on luggage incase baby has a blow out, throws up on you or if you get stranded at the airport from a delay.




9. Wear comfortable shoes for safety if carrying your baby through the airport. You want to avoid slipping or tripping with your child.



10. Take some of your kids favorite things that helps soothe and relax them e.g. Pacifier, Swaddle, Teething Toys etc.