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Our Maternity Photoshoot - Our Love & Legacy - Chigi's World
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Our Maternity Photoshoot – Our Love & Legacy

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Hello Friends,

Hope you’re having a great week. With Mother’s Day around the corner, I decided to share some pictures from our maternity photoshoot. This was our last official family picture before our beautiful baby boy arrived on March 26th 2019.

Our son is the manifestation of Gods promise to us after more than 6 years of trying to conceive, so he is our hope, our greatest love & legacy. We named him Chimaobi-Jax Omara because it had the perfect mix and meaning. His first name Chimaobi is an Igbo name from Nigeria which means God know my heart desires and Jax is English which means God has been so gracious to use. Meanwhile, his middle name Omara is Acholi from Uganda which means beloved.

For our maternity photoshoot we decided on an African theme. We were inspired by our background, our African heritage and our love. We decided on two style looks, a modern one (in my Maxi Skirt and Crop Top and his Casual Pants and Long Shirt made from traditional African fabrics) to represent our generation and a more traditional one (in our pants and wrapper) to signify the older generation, history and traditions that have influenced us. We also wore African jewelry, accessories and ornaments to complete our whole look.

Michael and I are two people from different parts of the world, who found love in the United States, we wanted to pay homage to our ancestry. Also, since our son Chimaobi-Jax will be a 1st generation American, we want him to know that he will forever be an African prince/king whose story starts from across the ocean in two different countries and he comes from a line of great men and women.

As we start our new life as parents, we hope to create new memories, blend old traditions and create new ones as we build a brighter future & a legacy for our son.

So, when I look at these pictures, I think of Love, Legacy, Hope, Home and Heritage. Also, our photographer Fotos by Ben did a great job capturing our love, our joy, details of our outfits and most especially this priceless moment. May our story give you hope that God always delivers on his promise at the perfect time so continue to have faith & never give up.