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Life Update & Life Lessons from Chigi - Chigi's World
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Life Update & Life Lessons from Chigi

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Hi Friends

I hope you’re having a beautiful day. It’s been a while since I posted on the blog and that’s because I’ve been so busy adjusting to my life with my new work schedule while working on building systems and structure in my business. In as much as people may see my pictures and think life is so easy and perfect, just know that it takes lot of work to manage my home, nurture my child, cater to my husband, take care of patients in my career, build a business and manage a team. Don’t let the perfect moments captured on pictures/videos and displayed on social media fool you. Managing all aspect of one’s life can be hard even though it’s doable. Anyway, today I’m sharing a quick update of what we been up to and what to expect from Chigi’s World.

1. CJ turned 17 months about a week ago, He’s teething again and has another molar tooth erupting so he’s been a little fussier. Also, our little adventurer has started running everywhere and climbing on furniture’s for fun. Sometimes I think kids enjoy scaring their parents because in as much s we try to stay calm, we’re get nervous about him hurting himself while playing. It’s great though to see him learn something new, test his limits and find his boundaries.

2. We started taking him out for walks and realized how much he loves cars. He’s always trying to walk towards parked cars or get around us to see the cars driving by. So sometimes we walk to our neighborhood park and find a great sport to for him to watch the cars drive by. I always wonder what he thinks while he sits and observes.

3. CJ is discovering his body parts so sometimes we catch him touching his eye lids, playing with his hair or when we’re near him he tries to touch our mouth, teeth or belly button. It’s such a joy watching him discover new things because he makes the funniest facial expressions when he’s focused or when realizes something is feels different than he’s used to.

4. Michael and I celebrated 8 years of marriage and since we no longer have childcare, we try to spend quality time with each other in between our busy day by doing simple things like talking on the phone to/from work, watching a movie or show together, just catching up on our day while taking a walk or doing chores together. Also we’re very intentional about showing affection in front of him so he learns to express himself in a healthy way as he grows into a man.

5. I’m back to working full time hours in the clinic because I missed patient care, it’s another stream of income to build our investments and it’s the best job I’ve had as a Nurse Practitioner. I’m in Occupational Health right now so I do a lot of physicals, health screenings and patient education which I love because it’s more prevention focused instead of curative. In my culture there’s a saying that “Prevention is better than cure”.

6. Michael takes care of CJ during the weekdays while I’m at work. He’s also working full time at his job and part time on his business, but somehow, he still makes it work. Once I’m home, I take over while he finishes off work and joins us for family time before CJ goes to bed. Spending time together as a family is so important to use because those moments and memories are priceless.

7. The past few months I’ve been working on building a team and implementing systems to make life so much simpler. I want to continue to create content, share resources and make an impact in peoples lives even while being present at home and productive at work without losing my health. So, this is my way of having it all and it has helped me be more productive, happier and healthier.

8. I decided to start a YouTube Channel to share more of my thoughts, feelings and experiences about different topics from marriage to motherhood, having a successful career, building a business, improving our health and growing generational wealth. In another post I’m going to share more on how I stay organized, focused, productive and able to balance all aspects of my health and life.

9. I started trading options the past month and I can’t believe I didn’t start years ago. I’ve been learning a lot and will share how Michael and I started learning to invest in the stock market years ago. This is something I highly recommend everyone to do because it gives you the privilege to stop trading time for money and start owning assets.

10. This year there has been a lot of loss directly and indirectly from loss of jobs and businesses to loss of peoples loved ones and mentors but it has reminded me the value of living life to the fullest because tomorrow is never guaranteed. So, these past few months, I’ve been reflecting, I’ve been listening to Gods will, I’ve been creating and building so I can continue to walk in my path to fulfill my God given purpose.

Also, this September is PCOS Awareness and Suicide Prevention Month so I’ll be sharing more on Reproductive Health, Mental Wellness and Stress Management, so SUBSCRIBE to my blog and follow me on Facebook and Instagram to stay connected.

I hope this gave you more insight into our lives and what we’ve been doing. Now I’d love to know how you’re doing and what you’ve been up to the past few months. What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned this season? Also, if you have any questions or feedback for us, comment below. Have a wonderful day!