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How To Get A Fresh Start in Life - Chigi's World
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How To Get A Fresh Start in Life

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Hi darlings,

Today I want to share a few tips on how to get a fresh start in life. This can be applied to your personal life, relationships, work, business and even style. Everyone has a past, we have different backgrounds, stories, failures, insecurities etc., and sometimes we just want a do over. Unfortunately we can’t change the past, but fortunately for us there’s always a lesson and a blessing through the process. With every experience, pain, hurt or disappointment, we learn and we grow if we EMBRACE it and GO THROUGH IT. I emphasize this and didn’t say avoid it, go around it or pretend it didn’t happen, I mean go through it, tackle it head on and deal with it. In that state of vulnerability, openness and rawness while dealing with it, you are transformed, and when done right makes you a better and stronger person.

We can never turn back the hands of time but we can always take time out to renew our mind, spirit, body and plan and prepare for a new day and a new opportunity to start afresh.

Below are some of my tips on how to get a Fresh Start in Life

  1. Pause – Reflect on the past and acknowledge the good, the bad, mistakes, failures, insecurities, achievements, feedback and criticisms.
  2. Forgive – To get a fresh start for the future you need to let go of the past. Hence to move on, you need to accept it all and forgive yourself and others for all the negative things.
  3. Refocus – Find and remember your passion and purpose, then find your inner voice and peace by praying, meditating, visualizing your goals, your journey and destination.
  4. Plan – Brainstorm, prioritize, create strategies and plans to be and do better, then do it.
  5. Exercise – This helps you clear your mind and refreshes your body so you’re more balanced, alert, focused and present for the next step.
  6. Sleep – A good night sleep, renews, reboots and refreshes you body, mind and spirit.
  7. Be Authentic – Say what you mean and mean what you say. Be confident and honest to yourself and others because nothing works or remains sustained without this.
  8. Self Evaluation – Analyze you mindset, behavior, knowledge and skills and be intentional about your self development through education, mentorship, experience and networking
  9. Evaluate your relationships – Maintain honest, real and wholesome relationships with mutual respect and boundaries and get rid of toxic and unhealthy relationships, conversations or situations.
  10. Relocate – Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone and just start afresh in a new city, state or country or change your job, career, business etc. Find or create the right environment for you and your dreams to flourish.
  11. Rebrand – You may need to change you style, lifestyle, mindset, message or niche. Nothing is ever too late to change and today is always the best time for a fresh start.
  12. Ask for Help – You should know when we need help and learn how to ask for it. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength and wisdom. No matter what you are going or have gone through, there’s always someone who has experienced something similar and has gone through it, grown from it, conquered it and most especially, is willing to support you through your journey. These people may be loved ones like family and friends or they may be colleagues, peers or even strangers. You just have to make sure that your values and vision align with theirs, then you either call, email or directly reach out to them.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, learned something new or got a reminder that will make an impact in your life. Kindly leave comments or questions below and if you need my services for Wardrobe/Style Consultation, Content Creation, Social Media Management or Brand Consultation, you can contact me via because I love sharing information that empowers people to be their best. Have a beautiful day.



Outfit Details

Dress – Alfani White Shirt Dress from Macy’s sold out, similar by Guess (here), Rachel Roy (here), Calvin Klein (here).

Sweater – Yellow Knit Sweater, similar from H&M (here) and (here), Old Navy (here) and (here), Nordstrom (here) and (here).

Shoes – Red Over the Knee Boots from Shoedazzle (here), similar from DSW (here), Asos (here), River Island (here), Nordstrom (here), JustFab (here).

Handbag – Retro 3D Red Flower Embroidery Vintage Evening Clutch from DivAbby (here).

Sunglasses – Red Tinted Sunglasses from Beehive Houston (here).


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