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10 Things I Learned in a New York Minute - Chigi's World
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10 Things I Learned in a New York Minute

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Hello darlings,

I’m so excited it’s the freaking weekend! I always love and look forward to my weekends because that means extra time for me to create more content to share with you and more time to spend with my family.

Some people may not know, but I’m such a tomboy who’s sometimes girly. I was that girl who loved cars, action figures and would climb and do flips with the boys, but I’d also play with dolls with the girls and play dress up while dreaming of prince charming coming to scoop me up and whisk me away (LOL). Anyway, when it comes to style, I’ve gone from one end to another. Maybe one day I’ll do a flash back look of my style in the 90s. My go to was Aaliyah’s style which was baggy pants and sneakers, with a small cute top and hair in cornrows or braids. And if you caught me on a very good day, I would probably rock a bandanna to complete my look. It’s so funny how time passes and style changes, I love the evolution and sometimes the recycling of fashion.

During NYFW, I attended a block party hosted by Adidas. I decided to create a sporty chic look by wearing a blush monochrome ensemble with a top, bodycon skirt, bomber jacket and Steve Madden sneakers. Yes, I didn’t wear anything Adidas and I didn’t wear something black and white like most people did. I was on that bubble gum train channeling my inner baby and sporty spice.

Also, today I’m sharing a few things I learned in a New York minute. Somethings I already knew but it was nice to get a reminder.

Lesson 1 – Nobody walks the streets of NYC all day with heels. Everyone has a change of shoes with them and if you see or know someone cat walking in heels ALL day, then I assure you, they are Inhuman or Aliens. As for me, I learned the hard way my first day of NYFW that carrying a pair of comfy shoes is a must if you’re out all day.

Lesson 2 – You have to switch up gears internally and mentally when you get to this concrete jungle. NYC is a fast-paced place so as soon as you land, you need to switch gears to keep up with the hustle and bustle of the city if not you’re going to be overwhelmed and left behind.

Lesson 3 – You can’t conquer the city and call yourself a true New Yorkan until you make the subway your BFF. The sooner you figure it out, NYC becomes your playground and your bank account will thank you.

Lesson 4 – Dress how you want to be addressed and have the right swag to go with it. Do not be afraid to show your style and creativity because this is the first impression you make and your individuality is your power.

Lesson 5 – In NYC you never know who you’ll run into. During NYFW we randomly met several celebrities and major players in the Fashion world almost every time we left our hotel. This also holds true to what I tell people, look your best, be your best and be kind to everyone. Life has a sense of humor and sometimes you never know who you’ll come in contact with and how they can influence your journey.

Lessons 6 – Sometimes in life, the people you expect to be the most supportive are the least. Your biggest cheerleaders may be strangers who see your heart, see your passion, believe in you and just want to see you win.

Lesson 7 – NYFW was physically and mentally exhausting but it was also the best rollercoaster I’d been on and in general, people were way nicer than I expected.

Lesson 8 – NYC has some of the rudest Uber drivers but also the nicest, go figure. Our experiences and conversations during our Uber rides definitely made for a great reality show. I also learned all the other options of transportation like Lyft and Juno, in case you didn’t want to use the subway or cabs.

Lesson 9 – Know who you are and what you believe in before you choose to live in NYC. It’s a city that offers so much which can be good and bad, and it’s also a world of get rich or die trying and if you don’t have self-confidence and the right attitude, you’ll struggle with finding your place and you’ll easily lose yourself.

Lesson 10 – Dream big, plan well, work hard, solve problems, stay focused, network every moment you have and create the life you want. You don’t need anyone to validate you and nobody will believe or invest in you more than yourself.

Now cheers to the weekend! You can share your own NY lessons and experiences or leave feedback or questions below. You can also shop my look using links below.






Outfit Details

Top – Blush top from H&M sold out, similar tops from Misguided (here).

Skirt -Pink Midi Skirt from Misguided (here).

Jacket – Floral Varsity Stripe Bomber Jacket from Charlotte Russe (here).

Sneakers – Quilted Slip On Sneakers from Macy’s (here) or Steve Madden (here), similar from Nordstrom (here) or (here),

Earring – Ball Drop Earrings from Bauble Bar (here)

Watch – Rose Watch from Barbas and Zacari (here). Get 20% OFF and free shipping with code chigisworld

Jewelry – Gold Box Chain Link Cuff Bracelet and Chain Link Statement Ring from Siammpatra (here), The Marble Cocktail Statement Ring from Siammpatra (here). Use code CHIGISWORLD and get 15% OFF any item.