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5 Types of Hobbies Everyone Should Have - Chigi's World
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5 Types of Hobbies Everyone Should Have

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Hello Chigstars!

How are you? How is your new year going? I am such an advocate for personal development for continuous growth but I am all about holistic health to find a balance and nurture different areas of your life which is why as we enter this new year and new decade, I want to encourage everyone to evaluate their life and find a way to incorporate 5 new hobbies into your life that will enrich and elevate your life mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.



5 Type of Hobbies Everyone Should Have

  1. To keep you creative – Having a creative outlet is a great way to express yourself which helps stimulate your mind and soul. As children of God, we are all creators because we were made in the image of God our creator. I believe everyone has a creative side to them but you have to take the time to find what it is you’re passionate about and start creating e.g. Start writing a blog, pick up a camera and start taking pictures, paint, draw, design etc. All it takes is a decision, start with what you have and gradually build and grow as you learn.
  2. To keep you connected – As human beings, we were made to connect and build relationship with not just God but also with other people. Find a hobbie that can help you connect with strangers or nurture your relationship with your family e.g. traveling, sewing class, book club etc.
  3. To keep you in shape –  Although we are spiritual beings, we exist in a body and we only get one body and one life to live so finding a hobbie that helps keep you fit, strong and in shape is different type of self love. You have to be a great steward of the body God has blessed you with.
  4. To make you money – Money is a tool and a resource to meet needs, gain access, to build and to own which is powerful. I’m a big advocate of people having their own money and creating their own source of income. Find something you’re passionate about, start that business to help people but also to make money so you have the resources and freedom to do all the other amazing things you plan to do to positively impact your community and change the world.
  5. To freely give back – To love is to give and serve. I think everyone should find a way to give back to people who are less privileged or just serve other people who need support e.g. a children’s sport league. Go online and find an organization locally with a cause you love and volunteer your time to serve, assist at events, help raise funds or donate items to them.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope it lights a fire within you. Life isn’t a sprint but a marathon so you don’t have to start these all at once or do it everyday. You can start with one and gradually incorporate others into your life. You can find 5 separate things or find that 1 thing that satisfies all of the criteria to nurture your body, soul, spirit and mind so you can live a healthier and more fulfilled life. If you need more details, resources or support on any of these, schedule a consultation with me.