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What to Wear for Thanksgiving - Stripes + Prints - Chigi's World
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What to Wear for Thanksgiving – Stripes + Prints

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Hello Style Lovers,

I’m so excited that it’s holiday season. This pretty much kicked off for me a few weeks ago as I started celebrating my birthday early in November which has now trickled into thanksgiving festivities, and Christmas and New Year is also right around the corner. Thanksgiving is such a great reminder to pause, reflect, be thankful over all our blessings and spend time with loved ones and have fun especially over a good meal.

During the holidays the biggest excitement and concern people have are centered around food, weight, sales and Christmas gifts. Later this week I’ll be sharing some of my favorite gift ideas and holiday sales. But when it comes to the challenges of what to eat and fear of weight gain during the holidays, my motto is relax and just enjoy yourself. Life is too short, do not give food so much power, enjoy and eat what you want but do it in moderation and after thanksgiving you can go back to a healthier diet. That’s just my opinion, LOL….

Anyway, the other questions most women ask is “what can I wear for thanksgiving or holiday parties”. Most women are concerned about the size and fit of their clothes during this time because there’s more eating going on so today’s look is a great idea. Most times the problem area is the abdomen so by wearing a flare skirt or a top with a cinched waist (crop or peplum top) like I’m wearing today creates the illusion of a small mid-section. Also by wearing outfits with a statement neckline, sleeves or jewelry, you draw attention away from your problem spot to the statement piece like I have done with this look. The biggest statement piece I have are my shoes from Barguette Marriane, my handbag from The Corner and my jewelry from my collaboration with Sycamore & Amaranth.

I’m totally in love with the uniqueness of the cut and beauty of the stone on this jewelry. It’s earthy, exotic but also timeless and can be worn in different ways by any woman. One of the best things about this collection is, it’s such great quality but yet affordable and made in LA. 10% of sales get donated to Girls Inc. of San Antonio, an organization which encourages girls to grow up strong, smart, and bold. I always love brands with a great cause because it makes shopping a lot more enjoyable and worth it. Make sure you check out the collection, it’s also a great gift for the holidays and right now there’s a 20% SALE going on so use my code ChigisWorld20 on any item from their store.

Hope you enjoyed reading this and hope my tips are helpful. For more details on the items and to shop, use the links below. Hope you have a great week!




Outfit Details

Top – Red Striped Top from Zara, sold out. Similar (here) and (here).

Skirt – Geometric Ankara Skirt from 3REEC’S – Chic Creations & Collections (here), 40% OFF on all items No Code Needed on Etsy.

Shoes – The Julie Heel Sandal from Baguette Marraine Shoes (here), NOV17CO for 10% OFF on all items.

Handbag – Sequins Handbag from The Corner in St. Tropez.

Sunglasses – Red Rim Sunglasses from Beehive Houston Boutique (here).

Bracelet – The Iris Cuff from Sycamore & Amaranth (here), use ChigisWorld20 for 20% OFF on all items.

Necklace – The Fern Necklace with gold plating and Obsidian stone from Sycamore & Amaranth (here).

Ring – The Bird of Paradise from Sycamore & Amaranth (here).