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Flame On

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Flame on aka Hot like fire is how I felt this past Sunday. I’m not sure if it was the style of the outfit, the Head wrap or just the bright colors. Whatever it was, I felt sexy and sassy and had to take some pictures at the end of the day.

IMG_5648 (2)

I love my Head wraps. At first it started off as a way to not have to deal with my hair, but soon it turned to another of my fashion accessories with all the prints and colors. It’s like a crown and I feel like an African Queen.

IMG_5650 (2)


IMG_5624 (2)

Once upon a time all I liked to wear was black, grey and dark colors but that has long changed. I love colors and I feel vibrant like the colors I wear.  

IMG_5627 (2)


IMG_5652 (2)

I love mixing prints and colors. I always joke that’s I’m a walking candy store or a rainbow.

IMG_5663 (2)


IMG_5667 (2)

I fell in love with this Vest when I saw the combo of prints and colors. My kind of style.

IMG_5641 (2)

One of my favorite handbags, made from wood and African fabric. I need more of this in my life.

IMG_5655 (2)


Outfit Details

Head Wrap – 3reeC’s

Earrings – Aldo

Bracelet – Impress by Enny

Dress – JustFab

Petticoat – Dillards

Shoes – A vintage store

Handbag – Praxessories