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Bootcamp, Rice and Smoosh Cookies - Chigi's World
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Bootcamp, Rice and Smoosh Cookies

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Hi guys, I hope everyone had a lovely weekend because I know I did. A quick recap of my weekend goes like this;

On Saturday  I woke up early to take a walk, pray and meditate as I usually do almost every morning, then I went to Boot camp (I’ll blog more about this later). After my morning workout I stopped by to see family, make some phone calls and ran some errands before heading to Rice University for the Alumni event. No I’m not alumni although I’ve been considering getting an MBA from there to help me be a better Entrepreneur, but that too is another story for another time. I attended the family event with hubby (he works at Rice) and a friend of mine.

The event was fun, they had good food and I got to meet more of hubbys coworkers but the highlight of my day was meeting this little girl who was probably around 4 years old running around in the hallway. All she wanted to do was play and that was exactly what we did, because we spent some time playing catch. She was so excited for me to chase her and for her to chase and catch me. It was fun for 2 seconds before I got tired lol…. I’m always so amused at how much energy children have to run around and play and it’s always so refreshing to see how children get so excited and happy over the simplest of things.

Anyway, after the event we just had to go around the corner in Rice Village to check out Smoosh Cookies. I’m new to the Houston area and part of my plan as someone who loves adventure is to enjoy the sights, sounds and taste of the area. I came across them on Instagram and was seduced by the pictures. Since then I’ve wanted to try their Cookie and Ice cream sandwich and as you can see, I finally did. I had the Chocolate Cookies with Butter Pecan Ice Cream and Coconut Topping and it was 2 steps away from heaven. Yes! I’m a foodie. I thank God each day for all my senses especially the sense of taste. The ability to taste, savor and enjoy something you consume is priceless. The cookies were moist like they were freshly baked and the combination of flavors were perfect.

Smoosh cookies 6


Smoosh cookies 7


Smoosh cookies 5


Smoosh Cookies 1


Smoosh 3


Smoosh 2



Smoosh Cookies



Smoosh 1