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How to Style a High Low Top for Fall - Chigi's World
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How to Style a High Low Top for Fall

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Happy new month darlings,

I can’t believe we have 3 more months before the new year. It’s the final quarter which I call crunch time to work harder to achieve your goals, complete certain tasks and make this year count. This year has been a whirlwind for me. So many challenges, so many goals to meet, so many experiences, some good and others I’d like to forget, but through it all, I’m thankful I’m here, trying to create the life I want and trying to live my best life.

One of the best things about Fall apart from the holidays, sales and festivities that come with it, is the fashion, the weather, my birthday of course and the spirit of giving and being thankful. I absolutely love it. Throughout this season I’m going to share different ways I transition not only my wardrobe and style, but also my mindset, my life and business.

One of the ways I transition into Fall is with colors, textures and layers. I incorporate color hues that represent fall such as brown, burgundy, orange, gold etc. Also another way to be ready for the cooling temperature this season is to add/change textures of clothes from light cotton, silk or chiffon fabrics to thicker cotton, knit, leather or wool and by layering. For my look today, it was built around this stunning high low top from The Cultured Market and I incorporated colors and textures perfect for Fall. For a warmer look, you can wear a coat or leather jacket over this or wear a long sleeve white shirt under the print top for a more corporate look.

I hope you loved my tips and my look for today. Kindly leave any feedback and questions in the comment section below and SUBSCRIBE to the blog for exclusive content on Beauty, Fashion, Travel, Life and Business. Remember it’s a new day, a new month and a new season to live your best life. Email me for more information on how to create the life you want or for other SERVICES I provide. Have an amazing day!





Outfit Details

Top –  The Zuri High Low Crop Top from The Cultured Market (here).

Pants – Flared Flowing Trousers from Zara (here) and (here) from A’GACI (here)

Shoes – Brown Women’s Step N’ Flex Jeules Pumps from Alfani in Macy’s (here), similar from Nordstrom (here).

Jewelry – Thalia Sodi Gold Tone Colored Bead Drop Earrings from Macy’s (here), similar (here).

Sunglasses — Heart Sunglasses from BeeHive Houston (here).