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How to Set & Achieve SMARTer Goals - Chigi's World
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How to Set & Achieve SMARTer Goals

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Happy New Month!

It’s interesting how most of us make resolutions because we’re so excited to transform our life and achieve certain goals in the New Year. But according to an article I recently read on Inc. magazine they predict that most New Year’s Resolutions get abandoned by the 3rd week of January. Are you shocked? Don’t be, but I have some tips & resources for you below. 

Also, approximately 80% of people drop their resolutions by the second week of February no matter how small, big, easy, simple, achievable or life changing their goals may be. Why do you think that is? What has been your experience? Share your comments below.

For me, when I think about the times when I didn’t accomplish a goal and stick with a new habit, it had to do with me not creating a proper plan to achieve it or me setting goals that were too broad, not achievable within the time frame I wanted or wanting to make too many changes at the same time so it got hard. 

So, it’s not just about setting goals, but it’s also about the way we try to achieve those goals. Now that’s why you and I always have to create a great plan of action.

As you enter the second month of 2021, I want to encourage you to not let the habit of starting and quitting so quickly continue this year, so here are some tips on how to set SMARTer goals and create successful habits that you can stick with. 

1. Identity – Who are you you? Who do you want to be? Who do you have to become to achieve the goals you desire? Who are you when you are your best and highest self?

  • Set Goals that AUTHENTIC – Your goals have to be authentic to who you are at your core e.g. your personality, what you truly desire and not world and not what someone else wants for you. Your goals have to be personal to you while determines your WHY.
  • Set Goals that ALIGN – Your goals have to align with your purpose, unique path/calling, your position and priorities and your idea of success and productivity.
  • You have a higher chance of achieving your goals if you become the type of person who already achieves it. e.g. Change your mindset, energy, attitude, qualities and most especially your habits to transform to the person who can achieve that goal.

2. Process – How will you show up for yourself and others? What are your daily intentions, tasks and objectives?

  • Break Down Goals – Break down your annual goals into quarterly goals, monthly milestones, weekly objectives with daily tasks & intentions so it becomes very easy to implement. You want to be able to take small simple but consistent steps daily to achieve your greatest goals.
  • Set SMART Goals – Have goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and can be achieved within a specific Time frame
  • Bring the Energy – You have to show up strong, confident, bold, determined, motivated to do the work and also be intentional about how you want to feel and how you want to make others feel on the journey to achieve your goals.

3. Outcome – What’s your end goal? What are the milestones that will get you to your final destination and help you achieve your desired outcome and goal?

  • Be Clear about the Transformation – What is the promise of change you want to look forward to so you can be motivated. Is it financial freedom, healing, a fulfilled job, a happy family etc. Whatever it is, be clear about it. It serves as your Why and the light at the end of the tunnel when things get tough.
  • Be Clear about the Benefit – Make sure that the benefit is rewarding and worth the change you are making. The reward you get from a habit change makes the initial discomfort and sacrifice more attractive and worth it.


  1. Write your goals down. Get a planner, journal or even a plain note book and get clear and specific.
  2. Have a vision board. This helps you focus, see and attract the things, people and opportunities you desire.
  3. Create a plan of action, the process of achieving the goals and details of who you must become to achieve your goals.
  4. Plug in the details on your calendar and review it daily to guide you and to help track your progress.
  5. Find an accountability partner or group for support. You can mastermind together, plan co-working sessions or have weekly check ins on goals.
  6. Participate in challenges that motivate you and keep you focused.

To get back on track with setting & sticking with good habits, Click MY FREE CHALLENGE to download and join me. This February Challenge is broken down into daily tasks and lifestyle changes e.g. 1 week of Decluttering your physical and virtual space, 1 week of adopting Heathy Living habits, 1 week of Personal Development tips and 1 week of Financial Management Challenge. It’s going to be fun!