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How to HAVE IT ALL & BALANCE IT ALL - Chigi's World
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How to HAVE IT ALL & BALANCE IT ALL You have it all by not doing it all You balance it all by not doing it all alone You need systems and support


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You can have it all by not doing it all alone. You can balance it all by not doing it all at once. To build and balance the life you desire, you need the right people, systems and structure to support you. Today, I’m sharing more details on how I manage my time, my energy, and resources to achieve the big dreams I have. 

How is it that we all have the exact 24hrs in the day but produce different results? Some people are able to accomplish so many amazing things while others don’t, because most people do not manage and maximize the time they have effectively and efficiently.


CHANGING THE NARRATIVE Women can can have it ALL


Some people will argue that if they had more time and more money, they’ll be able to accomplish anything but that simply isn’t true. If you’re unable to properly manage 12hours during the day, you’ll most likely not manage 24hrs appropriately. It’s the same way that if you’re unable to properly manage $10k in a month, you’ll also not manage $20k well. You have to be a good steward of a few resources before you can be given more and before you can maximize the more you get.

As a working woman with a career and business, who is also juggling being a wife and mother to a toddler while practicing self-care, I know how having multiple roles and responsibilities can wear you out. You get so busy with everything and become overwhelmed taking care of so many people that you can get burnt out. Also, one of the most common questions I get is “How do you balance it all”


How to HAVE IT ALL & BALANCE IT ALL You have it all by not doing it all You balance it all by not doing it all alone You need systems and support


I wish I could say finding balance is so easy, but it’s not. It requires a lot of unlearning of bad habits, changing of limiting beliefs and learning of new ways of thinking and doing things, but it’s very possible to have a balanced life. It becomes a lot easier and more fulfilling when you understand the fundamentals about managing your life and when you have the right resources to achieve your goals, not just in your personal but also in your professional life. 

One of the biggest reasons why people are unfulfilled in their lives is because what they are doing is not aligned with who they are and what their purpose is. Many people are busy performing by doing what society expects from them or by doing what others are doing, which may not be right for them. They are going through life trying to fit into a role, trying to imitate other people’s lives, forgetting that while you may admire someone and be inspired, you have to still find your own self and forge your own path because we are all on different paths and on different journeys. For you to be fulfilled, you have to have a strong sense of identity and have the courage to do what’s authentic and aligned with your core beliefs, your talents, gifts, strengths, and passion. 

Secondly, people struggle to maximize their time and leverage their resources to achieve their goals is because they do not have the passion for what they are doing or may not have fully accessed their highest potential or found their area of brilliance which makes for an easier flow. Also, many people do not follow through to accomplish their goals time and time again because they overwhelm themselves by focusing on so many things at the same time, they try to do it all alone, all at once, and everything too soon, so they struggle with consistently taking action.

There is a quote I love which states “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret to your success is found in your daily routine” by John Maxwell.

This means your daily routine matters a lot more than you think. Don’t overwhelm yourself with all the different steps, the processes, the changes to make, and the strategies to implement. You need to break down your big dreams and yearly goals into smaller quarterly goals, monthly milestones, weekly objectives, and into small simple steps, actions, and activities so you can create sustainable habits and implement simple systems to move closer to your goals because it’s about progress, not perfection.

How to HAVE IT ALL & BALANCE IT ALL You have it all by not doing it all You balance it all by not doing it all alone You need systems and support

The question about time management and how I balance my life is something that I’ve come across not just as a mom or businesswoman, but also in my career as a Nurse Practitioner. I’ve seen so many people lose themselves and their identity, get mentally and physically sick, or even die because they were not able to properly prioritize their health and relationships by making time for themselves. So to master the skill of time management is life-changing because it helps you better prioritize and make better choices, which frees you up to spend more time with loved ones and do more of the things you enjoy that give you purpose and fulfillment, which ultimately reduce your stress. This helps you be more purposeful, productive, and profitable.

The good news is that you can become a very efficient person and a pro at being productive and excellent with your time, energy, knowledge, skills, talents, gifts, experiences, and resources. if you change the way you think, the way you act, the way you structure your day, and the habits you perform on a daily basis.

This is why I decided to create The Perfect Productivity Quiz and The Productivity Bundle to help you rediscover and redefine what productivity and success means to you. This quiz helps you understand the correlation between productivity and personality so you can find the right path, tips, and tools that work perfectly for your unique style. Once you complete this fun quiz, you’ll get a detailed report about your personality type and the resources you need to implement in your life to elevate your productivity and get to your goals quicker. These resources help you gain more clarity in your vision, so you can focus, prioritize, set better goals, create an effective plan of action, and implement better systems to achieve your goals. I also give you practical tips, resources, strategies, systems, and tools to use right away to improve your quality of life and give you peace of mind.

Time is such a huge asset, so how are you spending it? How are you optimizing your time, energy, resources, and opportunities? What is mismanagement of this costing you? What steps are you going to take right now to improve your productivity so you can accomplish a lot more goals while gaining more free time, freedom, and fulfillment? Regardless of what you learn about or decide to do today, make sure you take action.