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Myths & Misconceptions on Productivity - Chigi's World
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Myths Misconceptions Productivity Growth will power

Myths & Misconceptions on Productivity

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What does productivity mean to you? How do you improve productivity daily? 


Many people think productivity is being busy, working more hours, working harder physically & hustling, but that’s not true. Being productive is not about having a never-ending checklist & doing mindless work to fill up your time. Productivity is about being effective & efficient with your time, working smarter to get more of your goals achieved in a shorter time. It’s about making the most out of your time, energy & resources to create lasting habits, results & fulfillment while achieving your highest purpose & priorities. 


Time is a great asset but it’s priceless so productivity is about being a better manager of your time & resources, so you have more free time to do more of the things you love & spend more quality time with your loved ones. When it comes to being productive, there are a lot of opinions out there, but some of these are just myths and misconceptions which can be misleading. 


This blog post is to let you in on some myths and misconceptions about productivity and debunk them because a lot of these myths serve no one. It only holds us back and makes us feel like we are not doing enough and that every day is a failure. Remember that life happens and sometimes things get in our way, so not following through with something or not completing a task once in a while doesn’t define us because it’s not about perfection but progress. 


Myths Misconceptions Productivity Growth will power


Here are 10 common myths & misconceptions about productivity that needs to be dispelled 


  • Believing that being productive is only related to work

Being productive is not related to work alone. You can aim to be productive in various areas of your life and that is still considered being productive. For example, when you have a to-do list for what you need to do in regards to your health and lifestyle it can still be considered being productive. 


  • Will power is infinite and is the only essential thing needed to be productive

You need the discipline to stay productive but there are times where willpower wouldn’t cut it. For example, At one point in your life, you may have the will to get something done, however on some days you may not have the will to do it, this is where the act of discipline and habit helps you to be consistent. Also, great habits and discipline have to be accompanied by a great plan of action, systems, and people that can support you in being productive.


  • Adequate rest and sleep is just for lazy people, not productive people

Adequate rest and sleep aren’t just for the weak or lazy people, it’s for everyone. It’s unwise to think that less sleep means more productive hours for you because rest/sleep is essential for your body to be recharged, spirit to be renewed and mind to refresh and refocus. Also, if you make rest and sleep a priority by blocking adequate time for it, it will boost your immune system and help you function at an optimal level to be very productive. 


  • Working more and harder is equal to being productive

Working harder at the wrong things without analyzing your progress is a waste of time. You are not being productive if you are working towards the wrong things and going in the wrong direction. So, step back and analyze your goals to make sure they align with your purpose, path, and core principles, then make sure that the tasks you are completing are moving you towards your specific goals.


  • Multitasking is seen as a superpower to being extra productive

Multitasking can be very distracting and unproductive when you are doing high-level things and task switching. We humans can do some things at once, however, depending on what tasks these are, you may be losing time when you switch and try to refocus. For example, you can clean your house, while listening to music and playing with the kids and that’s multitasking, but if you are working on a project, reading emails, and planning content at the same time, you may be wasting more time and energy. The different tasks may get done, but they may take a lot longer and may not even be done effectively. Single task focus helps you get more done than you can ever imagine. 


  • Waking up early is a sign that you are going to have a productive day

It is great to wake up early, you can get more out of your day that way if you are proactive in planning your day and executing the plan, however you aren’t productive yet just because you woke up earlier. Also, waking up later in the day doesn’t make you unproductive so don’t be so hard on yourself when you sleep in. To be productive is to get the tasks that will lead you towards your goals done so if you are a morning person you can wake up earlier to get things done but if you’re a night person, then maybe you can sleep in but stay up later to achieve more. Remember that we are all different so focus on the productivity tips that work best for your lifestyle and personality.


  • You need to be motivated all the time of your waking hour to stay productive. 

Motivation is great but can sometimes be an unreliable friend, so don’t wait for it. You don’t always need the motivation to be productive, you just need focus, commitment, discipline, a good plan of action, and great systems to keep you consistent. It’s great to be motivated to get things done however you should not rely on it. 


  • Working more under pressure leads to productivity. 

Putting yourself under a ton of stress in order to be productive is really absurd. In as much as you aim to be productive, you should consider your health, relationships, and lifestyle. Take the pressure off yourself, you don’t have to do it all alone or all at once. Learn to eliminate barriers and time wasters, simplify activities, automate as many tasks as you can and delegate some tasks as needed. You will be more productive when you focus more on the things you’re great at and love instead of wearing yourself down. You need to work smarter, not harder. 


  • Having a routine doesn’t make you productive 

Having a routine is great, and to believe otherwise is a lie. When you have a routine for certain parts of your days you will learn how to structure your life and day-to-day activities. For instance when you have a morning, and evening routine, it gives you structure and simplifies your day because you have a great idea how your morning and evening may look like and that saves you a lot of thinking energy for other things. 

To be productive, you also need to reduce mental overwhelm for more ease and flow of your day which is why routines help. 


  • Meditation and Journaling don’t make you productive

These habits can seem like a total waste of your time, but in retrospect, they are really helpful. The practice of silencing your mind, known as meditation, is really therapeutic, for all the hours of your waking hour your mind is on the go, so to have moments or minutes where you learn to actively keep it quiet can help you stay calm and balanced throughout the day. And journaling goes so well with meditation because it can help you declutter your mind, organize your thoughts, think clearer, be more introspective, focus better and help make better decisions. You can be super productive when you practice these two habits when you start your day.


These 10 myths and misconceptions are only a few amongst a lot out there, but I believe these are the most popular ones which can instantly transform your life and elevate your productivity once you let go of them. Remember that whatever you plan to achieve starts with your mindset, belief, imagination, and vision of what’s possible. So, what productivity myths and misconceptions do you have that need to let go today? What are you ready to do, to be more effective and efficient with your time, energy, and resources? Subscribe to the blog HERE for more details on “The Productivity Bundle” I recently created to help you get more organized, better manage your time, and achieve your goals, so you can be more fulfilled and successful.