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Gorgeous Lash Extensions from Amazing Lash Studio - Chigi's World
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Gorgeous Lash Extensions from Amazing Lash Studio

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Today I’m sharing details of my experience during my first eye lash extensions at Amazing Lash Studios. As a transplant from Maryland, I’m still exploring the city of Houston so it’s always nice when I’m invited to events. I was exposed to Amazing Lash Studio when a fellow girl boss and blogger babe invited me to the Amazing Lash Studio Launch Party in Pearland which she was hosting. It was such a fun event filled with lots of local bloggers and it was great connecting with other women with a similar interest. There was lots of food, drinks, pictures, chatting, laughing and lashes. So this was how I got connected to this company and got an opportunity to collaborate and get a firsthand experience on how amazing their lashes and services were.

This was the first time I was getting individual lash extensions. I’ve worn the other lash stripes a handful of times for very special occasions, but in general I don’t do much with my eye lids and lashes apart from using eyeliner because my eyes are super sensitive and get teary eyed so easily.

First Studio Appointment

I scheduled an appointment with the Katy location because I was going with a friend who lived close by. The studio space similar to the Pearland location was bright and beautiful with a contemporary design. The lobby had very comfortable lounge chairs and I was greeted by friendly staff. They smiled, welcomed me, answered my questions and helped me get registered before I was escorted to my private session by a licensed lash stylist.


Once I got into my suite, I was very comfortable in the cushioned massage table as the stylist briefly discussed what types of lashes I was getting before she started to work her magic. It took about 1 hour for her to get done and I definitely took a quick nap because it was so relaxing and after she was done she gave me a mirror to check out her work and I must say, those lashes were really amazing. They provided 4 style options of lashes and I chose the Gorgeous style. This style gave me longer, fuller and thicker eyelash extensions along my entire lash line. The extensions were also lightweight and comfortable so sometimes I forgot that I had them on.


The bonding agent requires 48 hours to thoroughly dry and create a strong bond.

To maximize the life of your lashes, within 48 Hours after extension

  • Keep lashes dry.
  • Avoid participating in activities that make you sweat.
  • Do not use oil-based products near your eyes.
  • Avoid touching lashes or sleeping face-down.

After 48 Hours

  • Wash lashes twice, in the morning and evening or after workout, using an oil-free wash like the Amazing Lash Studio’s Eyelash Foaming Cleanser.
  • Brush lashes daily, from middle to the tips and use a coating if you want.
  • Avoid applying oil-based or waterproof cosmetics and creams on or around the eyes.


To maintain your full thick amazing lashes, you’ll need regular refills to replace the natural lash loss all people experience every 2 to 4 weeks.


  1. Long full thick lashes that bring out the beauty of your eyes and makes a statement
  2. Enhances your beauty and makes you feel confident
  3. Saves you time when getting ready for your day


  1. When the lashes eventually fall off, you will feel naked.
  2. You feel the need to never go a day without extensions
  3. If it’s not applied or taken care of properly you may thin out your natural lashes.

For more FAQs on Amazing Lash Extensions click HERE.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post. It was a great experience and as I’m sharing this, I’m setting a reminder to make my next appointment to get more extensions. Theses lashes are magic and their customer service was the best. FYI after getting my lashes, I couldn’t resist getting my makeup professionally done for a photoshoot. I went to one of my favorite makeup artists and hair stylist Shay of Napolian Rose who worked her magic and made me extra fabulous. If you need some of that fairy dust, you can find her HERE .