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A Recap of My Baby Shower - Chigi's World
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A Recap of My Baby Shower

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Happy New Week Dear Friends,

I hope everyone had a great weekend & is feeling refreshed. So, I’m now 35 weeks pregnant and last weekend our family and friends threw us a wonderful baby shower. A baby shower is when loved ones come together to celebrate the blessing of a baby and shower you with lots of love and gifts in preparation of the arrival of the baby. As you may imagine, these are those special life moments that I’ve always looked forward to on my journey to motherhood. So, for me to finally be pregnant and have a baby shower after 6.5 years of trying to conceive is such a blessing and dream come true.  Even before I imagined myself getting married and being a wife, I’ve always dreamt of being a mother so this journey and moment has not only been special, but priceless. So here is a recap of my baby shower and what it meant to me.

First, I want to say how grateful I am to all my loved ones who contributed and planned behind the scenes to make the baby shower possible and for the people who were able to attend on that day to celebrate, support and just love on us. As many of you know, I moved to Houston almost 4 years ago with hubby so when the idea of a baby shower came up, we decided to have 2 baby showers. The first and main one was supposed to be in the DMV area where most of our family and friends for the past decades reside and the second baby shower will be much smaller in Houston with our new community of family, friends and colleagues. So, this was the plan right up to the week of the DMV Baby Shower which we had to cancel for safety issues because the weather got so crazy with lots of icy rain and snow storms.

I don’t regret the decision but that didn’t stop me from being sad about the cancellation because we couldn’t get a refund on somethings that was already paid for plus we were also looking forward to seeing lots of family and friends who we hadn’t seen in several years, especially our loved ones who have prayed with us, encouraged us, supported us and have been there for us during our struggles to have a baby. Hence with the DMV Baby Shower cancelled so last minute and the Houston Baby Shower coming up in just a few weeks after that, it made it very hard for any of our loved ones in the DMV area and surrounding states to change their itinerary and come to Houston. Therefore, since a lot of people we love couldn’t make it to Houston to celebrate with us plus since I was extra emotional from all the pregnancy hormones and fatigue, I was bummed out and lost the initial excitement I had about the shower. Left up to me alone, I may have cancelled it all together but some of my closest friends cheered me up and one of my best friends Nnenna took up the responsibility of coordinating the baby shower all the way from Arizona to make sure everything went as planned and we had the best time. So, a big thank you to her because despite her being a fulltime working mother of 2 toddlers who lives all the way in Arizona, she still made me a priority and took the time to call me, uplift my spirit and make sure we everything was organized and went on without a hitch.


This incident also helped me in remembering to focus on my priorities by maintaining the right perspective because despite the change of plans and bumps on the road, I had to remember that the most important thing was that baby and I plus all our loved ones were healthy and safe. So, when life happens, and throws you curve balls which may mess up your picture-perfect plans, you’re allowed to grieve and be disappointed in the moment but you can’t let it get to you or hold you down. Shorty after, you have to remember that there’s always so much more you are blessed and even when things don’t go as planned, they will always work out at the end for you own good.

Anyway, that’s the back story of my Baby Shower which made it more special and exciting when my friends started showing up to set up the beautiful decorations and once people started arriving. We decided to do the baby shower in our home because we had the space and being in my 3rd trimester and constantly tired, I wanted to have a laid back and intimate baby shower so I don’t wear myself out even more. So, this was the perfect decision for us, although it still took me 2-3 days to fully recover from it physically. It was a beautiful and fun day with loved ones, we ate, we drank, we played games, we shared memories, we laughed, we took pics and we relaxed and talked into the late hours of the night before my cousins who were the last guests finally left.

Also, a big thank you to my friends and vendors Ugochi of U and U Designs who decorated my Green Flower Wall, Dessert Table and Food Island and Mide of Perfectly Porsh Rentals for the beautiful Balloon Garland on my Flower Wall, Cake Stands and Rental Chairs. Love their creativity, craftsmanship and work ethic. We had a Garden Themed baby shower which we initially planned to have in our backyard but because of the weather we had to stay indoors. Also we had authentic Nigerian Food from Ms. Queen’s Catering and our Cake and Desserts were from Sweet Cakes by Carla so definitely check them out for you next event. Have a great day.


Below are more baby shower pictures with some of my friends and products we used for the event with links, so you can click on them to shop or get more details.