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Mindset & Money - 10 Money Myths to Change - Chigi's World
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Mindset & Money – 10 Money Myths to Change

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Hi Friends,

How’s your week going? Today I’m talking about Mindset & Money – 10 Money Myths to Change because I’m passionate about helping women find their purpose, use it to make impact and profit so they can attain financial freedom and flexibility to function at their highest capacity and maintain a healthy, happy and balanced life.

What’s your Money Mindset & how well do you Manifest Money? No matter how much you may cringe when people talk about money, you have to understand Money, How to Make it, save it, use it & Invest it because it determines what type of life you live, how much quality time you get to spend with your loved ones, how well your needs are met etc.

Yes, Money doesn’t buy you happiness but it buys you the ability to make significant changes in your life/community, it buys you the freedom, flexibility, power, opportunity & everything else in between your need to maintain a healthy, happy, balanced & successful life. If you disagree with me, leave a comment below saying why.

How well do you understand money? I’m not a financial expert but one thing I can say is most people don’t understand & respect the principles of money which is why they spend their whole life struggling to get it. Also, I’ve learned that most people don’t have a healthy relationship with money. Our thoughts, feelings & attitude toward money has been based on lies, twisted tales & stereotypes, so my goal in the PART 1 of this Money Series is to highlight some of the myths about money that needs to be discredited & share some tips on how to change that narrative so you can be set free mentally & financially.

What I’ve learned in the past few years about money has been mind blowing & life changing. I’m a young African American immigrant woman whose parents relocated to the United States for a better life. I come from a hardworking middle-class family where my Dad had a great 9-5 Job in the Oil & Gas Industry & worked hard at it for more than 30 years to take care of not only his immediate/nuclear family, but also his extended family. So, I grew up with a certain mindset/relationship with money which was heavily shaped by what my parents & people around me said/felt about it and did with money.

Below are the common beliefs, narratives, feelings & relationships with money that most people have so we can mystify them.

  1. Money is limited and scarce – The idea that there isn’t enough money is part of a limiting, negative and poverty mindset. There may be a certain amount of dollar bills in circulation in the economy right now but there is an unlimited amount of ways for you to make that money and there’s enough to go around if you understand money and execute a successful plan to get it by providing value to people. You can’t live in constant anxiety over money not being enough if not that will become your reality. You need to operate from a place of abundance, positivity and growth.
  2. Money is the root of all evil – A lot of people are scared of making money because they are scared that it will make bad things happen to them and they will become evil. Well money is just money and has no human attributes. The love for money over human life and values is a problem so money assumes the attributes of whoever controls it.
  3. Money corrupts and changes good people – Money doesn’t change you and having money doesn’t make you bad or good, instead it highlights your innate personality, character and enhances the qualities you already have within you. You may develop this mindset because of your encounter with people who appear to value money over any human principle or morals which is wrong but the money is not to be blamed for their decision. Money is just money, it’s neither good nor bad, it doesn’t have human qualities, money does what it’s owner assigns it to do. Money doesn’t control people, people control money and choose what to do with it and what value it can provide.
  4. Rich and wealthy people are greedy and selfish – You may have had a bad experience with a person who seemed rich that made you jump to the conclusion that having money makes you greedy and selfish but there is nothing wrong with having a lot of money, what matters is how you made it, what you do with it, how you treat people, how you manage it and how you use your resources to make a positive impact in people’s lives. The money you have is usually a reflection of the value you have provided for people so there is nothing greedy or selfish about that. In fact, it shows how selfless you are, how much you care about people & how many lives you’ve impacted/changed. Yes, some people provide great value freely sometimes but there is nothing wrong with being compensated for the work/value you create and it teaches other people to invest in themselves, learn to give and create instead of just consuming and taking all the time.
  5. Money isn’t important or necessary so having a desire to make money is bad – If this is your belief then you’ll never make enough money because money goes only where its valued, respected & used responsibly.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to make money, everyone wants that no matter how and what they say because money is essential to living your life. The goal and ability to meet your basic needs, spend quality time with your loved ones, do the things you love, engage in your hobbies, travel the world, fulfill your dreams, help your family & community lies in the brutal fact that you need money. It gives you more free time, more flexibility, more autonomy, more power, more luxury, more options in life, more resources to make things happen, achieve your highest potential and help others do the same.
  6. Money should always be spent or it should only be saved – You can’t be at both extremes because if you believe that money should just be spent without a balance in your belief that you should also save, you’ll have financial problems. Money needs to flow freely but it needs to flow in the right direction and it needs to be used and managed responsibly and with purpose. You need to save some money for emergency situations, invest some money so it can make you even more money but you also need to not learn to spend in a smart way on yourself, on others and on doing great things for your community. You can’t squander your money or be too frugal, what you need is a balance but always make sure that you cash flow into your accounts is more than your expense going out.
  7. I’m not good with money – That’s simple not true. Nobody is born understanding money and being great at managing it. It is something that’s learned so if you don’t have a great relationship with money and have a hard time right now managing it properly, you can always learn and get better. You just have to change your belief and attitude about it, take responsibility for your finances and learn to be better.
  8. The rich get richer & the poor get poorer – This is a mindset that paralyzes you. If you think this way it’s like you’ve given up & have concluded that your situation can’t change which limits you and holds you stagnant. For you to grow and succeed in life, you need to adopt an abundant, positive and growth mindset that propels you to continue to learn, grow, move forward, keep trying, have hope and accomplish your goals.
  9. You have to work very hard to be rich or you need to have the right network/family to be rich – Again this mindset is untrue and can limit you. While there is nothing wrong with working hard and having a certain type of network may be helpful in being successful, it is only one way. If you understand the principles of Money and how to make it, manage it & make it make more money for you know that you can make money by working smart, leveraging your resources to create real and long lasting value for people at a great price and as you create such value, you will continue to reach more people and start to build a community. There is no one formula or reason to make money and be rich, everyone’s experience and path is different so find what works for you.
  10. Rich people are unhappy, miserable and depressed because money means more problems – As I’ve said before, money doesn’t buy you happiness but money doesn’t make you depressed or unhappy either. Also, money doesn’t cause more problems, it only highlights and enhances things. It is all about perspective which is based on choice. People are unhappy, miserable and can be depressed regardless of how much money they have or how much impact they make in peoples lives but money gives you the resources to seek further help when needed, it helps you better care for yourself and gets you more support. So just the way people can be poor and depressed, you can be rich and completely happy. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

What do you think of the above myths about money I just shared? Are there others you know of and want to share in the comment section?

Remember that for you to truly live a life of abundance, tap into your highest purpose and achieve your goals of being healthy, happy, balanced and successful, you have to identify and overcome your limiting beliefs about yourself, your life, people and also money. If you don’t change those negative narratives and limiting beliefs about money that don’t serve you, you will continue to have an unhealthy relationship with money and internally & financially struggle.

So, the first step to financial success & freedom is to identify & change/transform your mindset/feelings/relationship about money because your beliefs determine your feelings which determines your attitude & then your reality/experiences. Your beliefs are usually working on you subconsciously & as you accept them, they become your reality unless you are aware that they exist & you do the work to uncover & then change them.

So, get a book and pen because it’s time to get to work & start uncovering what type of limiting beliefs, habits & feelings are affecting your finances. Take time and reflect and dig deeper into your subconscious and ask yourself the following questions.

What are your feelings about money?

What did you hear and see about money growing up?

What experiences did you have with people about money?

What does money mean to you?

Write out your observations, narratives and perspective about money and then evaluate them rationally. Next, change/rephrase them into something more positive and uplifting, repeat them daily, visualize these new beliefs and the new person you choose to become with this new mindset and journal about your feelings and great experiences with this new mindset/perspective.

Also here are some great books on mindset and money makeover which you can read and use as a resource.


I hope this is helpful and has started you on a new journey towards self discovery and growth. If you have any questions, share below in the comment box or email me at

Have a great day!