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5 Must Have Ankara Looks for Spring - Blogger Collabo with Queen of Sleeves
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 • Beauty & Fashion  • 5 Must Have Ankara Looks for Spring – Blogger Collabo with Queen of Sleeves
5 Must Have Ankara Looks for Spring - Blogger Collabo with Queen of Sleeves Chigi's World 3reec's Chic Creations and Collections Tootsie Baby Doll Dress African Print AnkaraStyle Fashion Collaboration Betsey Johnson Pom Pom Feathered Pumps Yellow Oversize Envelope Clutch Purse Handbag Modern Kitty Metal Boxy A'GACI Sunglasses Charming Charlie Barami Patrizia Luca Jewelry

5 Must Have Ankara Looks for Spring – Blogger Collabo with Queen of Sleeves

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Hello Style Lovers!

We’re back!!! Last week I shared PART 1 of my collaboration with my fashion blogger friend Nneka @QueenofSleeves on our Ankara (African Wax Print Fabric) looks for Spring. If you missed it, make sure you check it out HERE.

My goal has always been to create and wear functional and stylish clothes made from these fabrics, hence I’ve incorporated pieces of Ankara into my every day look, from head wraps to handbags, tops, skirts, blazers, dresses etc. I have learned to infuse my culture into my wardrobe, and the bold colors, prints and patterns are vibrant and beautiful, which as I mentioned before, is the essence of Spring.

Today, for Part 2 of our collaboration, here are “5 Must have Ankara Looks for Spring” that every woman should have in their closet.

  1. The Shift Dress – This is a comfortable style because you never have to worry about the fitting especially around the waist and hips. It’s great on every shape and size as you can see on Nneka. For other similar looks, you can check out my old post on THE ANKARA SHIFT DRESS LOOK.
  2. The Baby Doll Dress – This is such a feminine and classic style with a higher waistline and a loose gathered skirt falling above the knee. It is also comfortable, fun and playful.
  3. The Cold Shoulders -This adds a sassy and sexy element into your outfit by showing just the right amount of skin at the right place which accentuates your neck and collar. It is also functional for women who want to open up their shoulders but not their arms like Nneka, after all, she is the “Queen of Sleeves”.
  4. The Statement Sleeves – We both captured the statement sleeves in this post, from the ruffle sleeve on Nneka’s dress to the puff sleeves on mine. The ruffle detail creates a romantic and fun dimension to an outfit and can be on a dress or top, like the ruffle sleeves on Nneka’s dress which is perfect on a shift dress because it adds to the comfort and loose fitting of the style. Meanwhile, my puff sleeve detail adds another dimension to my baby doll dress because, instead of a plain straight sleeve for women who want their arms covered, the puff detail right above the cuff creates a fun silhouette and gives the dress more character.
  5. Mixing Prints – African prints can be worn by getting clothes with mixed patterns or pairing items with different prints. This is bolder and riskier but the secret is to find prints that complement each other like the same pattern in a different color or a similar/complementary pattern like my dress or mixing prints with accessories like Nneka did. with this handbag.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. SUBSCRIBE to my blog to get more details weekly as I continue to share more tips on how to style Ankara and other prints. To shop, click on links below. Have a colorful weekend!




Outfit Details

Dress – The Tootsie Baby Doll Dress from 3REEC’s – Chic Creations and Collections, similar (here).

Shoes – Feathered Pumps by Betsey Johnson from Ross sold out, similar at Macys (here), 6pm (here).

Handbag – Envelope Clutch bag from SheIn, similar on Poshmark (here), SheIn (here).

Earrings – Pearl Stud Earrings from Barami, similar from Charming Charlie (here).

Bracelet – Kissing Pearl Hinge Bracelet from Charming Charlie (here).

Watch – Rose Gold Michael Kors Watch from Macys, similar (here).

Sunglasses – Modern Kitty Metal Boxy Sunglasses from A’GACI (here).

Details of Nneka @QueenofSleeves look (here).