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5 Binge Worthy Netflix Shows - Chigi's World
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5 Binge Worthy Netflix Shows

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Hi Friends,

How are you doing? I know it’s been a whirlwind for for some people and working from home can be more exhausting or stressful especially if you also have kids or family members to care for. Meanwhile I know that some people may be bored for here is a list of Netflix shows that are binge worthy. I’ll continue to add to this list so bookmark this post and return to check for updates. I hope you find a shows you love and leave a comment below if you want to chat about it.

1. Love is blind

This is a reality show hosted by Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo. It’s a show where men and women date in a pod without seeing each other. It’s a social experiment to see if love is blind. The contestants have to connect with people communicating and sharing stories so they can fall in love with the peoples personality and not looks. So, they date for a few days and if they make a strong connection with someone, they can get engaged and eventually get married on the show. I enjoyed watching they show and I was so in love with Cameron and Lauren’s love story, connection and just chemistry. In a way it reminded me of my love story with my husband because we knew we wanted to be with each other forever after less than 3 months of dating although it took us a year to officially get engaged because we were not in a hurry.

2. Virgin River

This is a show about the Nurse Practitioner Mel who leaves her family and old life in the city and moves to a small town to start a new job and get a fresh start in life. As her story unravels, we see that she has been through very challenging things and is trying so hard to move on with her life but still needs to heal. Also, I love how she show highlights the  Nurse Practitioner’s struggle to transition into a new town and how she manages the town Physician who doesn’t quite understand her role. So the show shows how she works to gains the trust of the people, build a relationship with her colleagues and patients and makes a difference in her community just like we Nurse Practitioners do in real life.

3. A Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce

This is a show about Abby who is a best selling female author in her 40s. In the process of writing her next book goes through a separation and then a divorce with her husband which becomes a PR nightmare for her business and book promotion. She  ends up changing her book to share her experience and resources to help other women going through a divorce. It’s such a fun show and I binged watched all seasons because I was always curious on what happened next and if she’d ever find love again. As a child of divorced parents, it also gave me more insight into the lives of parents as they navigate love and life. It definitely reminded me that our parents are humans too and are far from perfect in the choices they make.

4. 13 Reasons Why 

This is such a great show for adults and children. It’s centered on Clay and his friends as they initially try to find out the truth behind their friends suicide which opens up other things. To some it may be explicit and dark because it highlights so many bad things that happen in our society and in our schools today, but I think the creators did such a phenomenal job creating it. It’s a great show to watch with your kids at the right age, so you can help them understand it but also use it to start having honest conversations about different issues from dating to sex, consent, rape, bullying, asking for help, depression, suicide, school shootings, grief, injustice etc.

5. Ozark – New season 3 coming on March 27th

This is such an intriguing show about the Byrde family that relocates to a new town and all the weird things that starts happening to them. I love how at first glance they seem like a perfect family but as we all know, no family is perfect. Soon their life and secrets start unraveling and you get a better understanding about who they are, why they moved, what and who they are hiding from and what they are willing to do to survive.