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Books to Read about Racism to Become ANTI-RACIST - Chigi's World
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Books to Read about Racism to Become ANTI-RACIST

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Dear Family & Friends,

When we talk about injustice or racism in this country, some people stay silent because they think it doesn’t affect them. Others say, they do not see color, they are “Color Blind“, they are not racist etc. But the interesting thing is that for you not to see the blatant injustice, racism and colorism in this country that is highlighted in almost every institution and media outlet in this country means you are so privileged and have been blinded by your “White Privilege“. Also this goes to show that you my friend are part of the problem and you need to wake up, because being nonchalant when a certain group of people are been targeted, oppressed, exploited and killed in your country is not acceptable and staying quiet about it makes you an accessory to the the crime against black people.

You also have to pick a side. You can not just say you’re not racist, YOU HAVE TO BE BOLDLY ANTI-RACIST with your words, actions and lifestyle because racism is a human rights and public health issue. Racism is a disease of the mind that has spread for centuries and has killed so many people, especially Black Lives in this world. Racism is woven into the foundation of the United States of America like many other Western Countries and the first part to changing it, is to acknowledge that truth about our history. To deny it is to be dismissive of our experiences and it’s like erasing all of Americas history because this country, was built on the backs, blood, sweat, tears and lives of black people and every generation of Black Families have had to pay the price for centuries but that needs to stop.

It doesn’t matter what race, color, tribe, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation you are, now is the right time to do what’s right. It doesn’t matter what country or continent you live in, now is this time to do what’s just. This is why I’ve put together a list of books we all need to read about race in this country, because for us to effectively change this country, we must first know our history, acknowledge the crime and trauma against black people for centuries. Then, we must learn from it so we can stop repeating thesame crime against humanity because until ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER, all lives do not matter. The process to dismantle systematic racism is not going to be easy but it starts with us changing how we think, act towards people who look different from us, speak up when we see any form of injustice but also by changing policies and laws that continue to favor “White Supremacy” and the “Privileged” in our society while marginalizing the underprivileged communities of “Blacks and People of Color“. I’m comforted knowing that I am not alone in this fight. I’ve connected with some amazing people who are great ally in this fight against injustice. I’ll continue to have hope in humanity for a better country because I believe that united we will always succeed and with God on our side, all things are possible. So, lets get to work and do our part starting with educating ourselves by reading some of the books listed below that teach about race. You can get some of these books in audio format via Audible and conveniently listen to it as I do. For a Free 30 Day Trial click HERE.