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30 Things to Do before 30 - Part 1 - Chigi's World
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Chigis World 30 Things to do before turning 30

30 Things to Do before 30 – Part 1

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Hello Darling!

As I enjoy my last few days of being 30 I’m thankful for life. 30 has been amazing! I accomplished all I wanted to do this year and even more. My journey has been priceless and I’m super excited for the future.

Turning 30 is a milestone. To some people, it feels like the best years are behind them and for others it’s time to have some fun. For people like me, 30 is liberating. Turning 30 can mean the end of a chapter and a brand new beginning which is how I felt. There was a feeling of new found freedom and confidence which came from my experiences that made me more fearless.

This list is a reminder that life is fun and amazing when you live in the moment, seize opportunities and live it to the fullest.

  1. Be single for at least 6 months. This is just a random number but my point is, give yourself significant time to be alone. Being single gives you more time to focus on yourself so you can actually get to know you. I promise you, if you actually take out time and do this, it will be one of the best things you’ve ever done. This is a time for growth and self-discovery, enjoy being single.
  2. Find and embrace your weakness and imperfections because we all have them. Accept your flaws, strive to be better and turn it around for something good, but most of all, learn to see the beauty in your imperfections. Acceptance actually makes you more confident
  3. Try something new that takes you out of your comfort zone. It can be as subtle as going somewhere new, changing up your daily routine or significant like taking on a new project, a new responsibility at work or changing jobs.
  4. Do something that terrifies you. This can be the usual zip lining, skydiving, scuba diving, rock climbing or something else like speaking at a conference, performing in a comedy club etc. If it truly terrifies you, then challenge yourself and try it because you can never overcome your fear if you never tackle it head on.
  5. Travel to a new city, new state or even better, to a new country…ALONE. Being in a new place is educational but exploring alone is even exhilarating. Experiencing new things and a new culture expands your perspective on life and traveling alone actually opens you up more to meeting and connecting with people.
  6. Read a book quarterly. You can learn a lot by just reading, e.g. books, magazines, journals, blogs etc. Reading expands your vocabulary whether it’s fiction or nonfiction. Also reading is like a time portal, it’s the fastest way to go on a journey and on that path, you might just find that book that totally changes your life.
  7. Pick up a hobby, something you’re passionate about and be consistent. It’s usually great to pick an activity that utilizes your talent and/or helps you connect with yourself and mentally destress like walking, meditating etc. I decided to start playing tennis again, writing and reading more.
  8. Get your own place. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying or renting, just have a place that’s completely yours because you paid for it without any roommates, parents, siblings or spouses, just you. This is a different level of independence and it’s a great investment in your future. Please stop waiting for a spouse/significant other to come and whisk you away, you can do bad all by yourself.
  9. Own an expensive piece of furniture and home deco in your place that wasn’t a gift or on sale. Nothing screams “I’m an adult, I work hard and make money” better than an expensive furniture and/or deco in your home.
  10. Treat yourself. This isn’t you wasting money, this is you having certain luxuries that you like to spend your hard-earned money on once in a while, like getting a massage, taking yourself to a really fancy restaurant or going on a trip at least annually. Whatever it is, enjoy it because you deserve it.
  11. Independently buy or lease a car. This should be your choice, your responsibility and nobody else should be cosigning your loan or chipping in money for it.
  12. Pay your own bills. I don’t mean one or some, but ALL your bills from your cell phone to cable bills, internet bills or anything else you own or use, because you’re old enough to take care of yourself.
  13. Get your own health insurance, and even better, make your medical appointments and go to those appointments without your mum.
  14. Evaluate your life and figure out your goals. Your 20s is a time to try new things, make some mistakes, learn a lot and re-evaluate where your life is headed to make sure it’s in line with your goals. Analyze your career, finances, your health, your relationships, your character and your choices. If you don’t like something, think of a solution and change it before you turn into a grumpy, bitter 30 something year old.
  15. Be Bold, ask for what you want out of life. You need to toughen up and learn to be assertive, like asking for a raise at work when you deserve it or asking people to treat you a certain way. Know what you want, work and ask for what you want, and don’t apologize for it.

There’s definitely a lot more to do which I’ll share in Part 2. You can always recreate or change up this list, but even better, just Live.

To be continued……