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7 Ways I Renewed My Mind and Rediscovered Myself in 2019 - Chigi's World
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7 Ways I Renewed My Mind and Rediscovered Myself in 2019

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Hello Darling,

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday and spent time with loved ones. Well I’m kicking off the blog this year by sharing some things I did in 2019 to renew my mind and rediscover myself.

How many women do you know or have you heard lost themselves after they became mothers?

Whew! Motherhood and Post Partum is no joke, especially as a first time mother. I totally get it because I almost lost myself after having my son.

was such an epic year for me. Not only did I give birth to my son at the end of the first quarter, but I somewhat/almost lost myself until the last quarter where I got back to finding myself.  Being a mother is such a blessing but it’s also a huge transition into a different season of life and it can be very vulnerable, overwhelming and stressful.

For me, it was all that and more because we didn’t have as much family support as I expected since most of our family live out of state. Also I was dealing with my health physically and mentally, but I also felt like I was stagnant and life was passing me by since I could see people out and about, living their lives.

Don’t get me wrong, I love caring for my son and spending time with my husband but I missed my me time and all the things I used to do. But I thank God I was aware of how I was feeling and knew I had to make a change to renew my mind, refresh my body, rediscover myself and recreate the me I was meant to be. I had to take back ownership and control of my life, I had to work to change the narratives in my mind so my perspective, feelings, attitude, behavior and results can change.

So, here are 10 New Things I Started Doing in 2019 to get the change I desired

1. I got a great therapist from Better Help – You can sign up and get a virtual therapist to give you the tools, resources, advice and support to help you work through whatever issues you’re dealing with in your life.

2. I started listening to more personal development and inspirational books via Audible – This is a great way to be inspired and learn on the go to get more resources you can use to manage your life personally and professionally.

3. Decluttered my life – This is so powerful because it helps you loose mental/emotional weight, helps you focus, organize and creates space for new life lessons, experiences and blessings. Mentally I decluttered by compartmentalizing and by putting my concerns/issues/problems in an imaginary vase and when I was ready to tackle a problem I will take at one at a time, focus on it and deal with it. I did thesame thing for my health and relationships and I’m currently working on my living and work space. Here’s a great book to help you declutter.

4. I took a big stand on self love & selfcare – I prioritized time for myself throughout the week to focus on Me, Myself and I. I made selfcare a need and not a want, so my time off sessions became time for me to do things that brought me joy, peace, laughter, filled me and built me up in different ways so I could eventually give and pour into someone else.

5. I created a vision board – I’ve always written down visions of my life and goals I wanted to achieve in a journal but I’d usually throw them aside and look back on them years later but I decided to create a vision board so I could focus on them as I worked towards manifesting them sooner rather than later.

6. I took revisited the past – I took an emotional trip down memory lane to revisit past traumas, problems, challenges, painful events, mistakes, losses and so called failures to heal and get the life lessons I earned from each experience. I decided to not only use the lessons for myself but to share them with anyone who is willing to hear and learn from them.

7. I learned to boldy speak and stand in my truth – As a recovering people pleaser I realized that there are so many times in my life I was very passive in expressing myself or sharing my truth but I’m learning to be more assertive. I had to do the work all over again to find my unique and authentic voice and use it to speak my truth and share my story and although it hasn’t been easy, it has been very liberating and healing.

So, doing these things elevated my spirit, energize me and helped me refocus. I was then able to rediscover myself and my purpose which lit a fire within me one again. I’ve learned to let go of people’s expectations of me and focus on Gods will  for my life.  Today I am more aware, intentional, purposeful, fulfilled, happier, healthier, balanced and a better version of myself.  Have a blessed day!