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My Breastfeeding Experience & The Lessons I Learned - Chigi's World
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My Breastfeeding Experience & The Lessons I Learned

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Hello Friends and Family,

Today I’m finally sharing more about my breastfeeding experience with CJ and the lessons I learned from it. For some reason I thought breastfeeding was going to be so easy for me and I was so excited to share that process and enjoy every moment of it with CJ, but honestly it was so hard.

As you already know, my journey to conceive CJ was challenging because of my struggles with Infertility from PCOS. Then, my pregnancy and delivery got complicated due to the side effects of my IVF treatment in the 1st trimester coupled with the pre-eclampsia I developed in my 3rd trimester.

Finally, after multiple attempts to induce me which were unsuccessful, I had to have a C-section. So, once CJ arrived, I hoped to have a more straightforward path to recovery but that got complicated quickly because I now had to deal with having uncontrolled high blood pressure and the challenges of breastfeeding.

Anyway, here is more on my breastfeeding experience and how it took such an emotional toll on me. I hope it educates and encourages you, especially if you or your loved one are having challenges breastfeeding.

The most important thing to remember is

1. Educate yourself on breastfeeding and all the options available to you. Use the resources you have to learn the proper techniques for breastfeeding and how to overcome the most common issues e.g. Consult with the Lactation Nurse in the hospital after delivery and follow up with them once discharged.

2. Make sure you keep up with your appointments with your baby’s Pediatrician and your OB/GYN so you have consistent support and evaluation of your post partum recovery.

3. Go to your appointments with a list of questions you have and/or challenges you may be experiencing so you can get the help you need.

4. Find a small network and community of mothers you can connect with and learn from.

Click the video below and listen to “My Breastfeeding Experience and The Lessons I Learned”.

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