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Body Image - How to Deal with Insecurities & Build Confidence - Chigi's World
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Body Image – How to Deal with Insecurities & Build Confidence

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Hi Friends,

Today I posted a new video on my YouTube Channel talking about body image issues and insecurities I’ve experienced while growing up which may resonate with so many other women or even young girls. As many of us know, how we view ourselves and what we feel about our body can either help or harm us. Having a negative perception of our body and our attractiveness affects our self esteem. So, here’s my story with some tips I used to boost my self confidence to live a happier, healthier and free life.

In life, we only get one body so can you imagine how you’d feel if you spent more time focusing on the beauty and strength of your body instead of what you may consider as flaws. How about letting go of what society, the media or your culture as showed you as the standard of beauty and start embracing your own standard.

The Bible says that we have been wonderfully made in Gods image. We have been created to be beautiful, unique and an original, instead of being a clone or cope of someone else.

Therefore, I encourage you to take better care of your body daily, treat it with love, with respect and see how it transforms your attitude and experiences. No matter what color, size or shape you are, love the body your in through all of life seasons with words of affirmations and actions.

Click this link for Affirmations to Boost your Confidence and for Selfcare resources to improve your health. Create a schedule to spend time with yourself. Get comfortable looking at your whole body in a full length mirror and speak words of positivity and empowerment.  What do you love most about your body? How about you get a journal or a notebook and start journaling about what you love about yourself and how grateful you are for your body. If negative thoughts come up about your body, write them down and ask yourself why you associate negative feelings with that part of your body, then start changing the negative self talk and story you tell yourself about it because your words are powerful.

I hope this video resonates with you as you watch and then share it with your community. Don’t forget to Like/Share this video and Subscribe to my Blog.