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Key Principles for Life & Business - Chigi's World
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Key Principles for Life & Business

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Today I want to share some great key principles that will not only help you personally, but will also help you professionally. They will guide you as you develop yourself, your community and your business/blog.


8 Key Principles for Life & Business. 

1.Authenticity – Be honest, authentic and true to yourself and your business brand. Be authentic with who you and what you represent. Know your values, share it and stay true to it. This helps your target audience connect to you and builds trust, which makes them believe and support you.

2. Integrity – Be consistent and honest about who you are. Let your words and actions be aligned so you have credibility. Whether it’s in your personal or professional life, make sure you deliver on your promise, make sure you actually live according to the values and principles you share, if not you lose trust and hurt your reputation and brand.

3. Communication – Communicate clearly and openly so your community understand you and know what to expect from you. Be clear about who you are, what your purpose is, what your message is, what your goals are, what you want your audience to do etc. This level of communication requires clarity about who you are and your purpose. Your goal is to make sure your message is clear so you can connect effectively with your target audience and create an emotional connection with them.

4. Consistency – Integrate your brand so it’s consistent and cohesive, from your personality to your values, products and services, to your style of branding and communication e.g. how you send email, answer phone calls, address customer issues. Also make sure every content, printed material, platform including your social media reinforces the same message. Make sure the look, feel and quality of your images, layout, sounds, aesthetics and products are similar. Be consistent with what you say, what you do, how you represent yourself and establish a reputation of always showing up, being present and consistent for your community. Communicate with your community routinely thorough emails, social posts so they get to know you as you know them, this will foster dialogue, engagement and helps build relationships.

5. Engagement – Engaging with your audience is essential. It is part of being consistent and showing up for them. You can’t expect to grow when you don’t appreciate or recognize your community of supporters who like, comment and purchase your products, services and content. Maintain an open line of communication and be approachable by engaging with them, answering questions, starting dialogues, replying comments etc.

6. Networking – Networking is essential because it helps you connect more to your target audience. Utilize different tools to overcome barriers and connect physically and virtually. Attend events, utilize different social platforms and Apps so you can reach many more people and share your brand message. It is also a great way to showcase your personality and strengths so people understand you better and help expand your community

7. Collaboration –  Collaborate with people or businesses similar to you, who serve the same audience and share a similar purpose and value. By collaborating, you expand your network and provide more content and resources for your community.

8. Creativity – Create great content that attracts people but also keeps them engaged by creating what they want or need. Your post should have a catchy topic or caption, it should be relevant, valuable and tell a story to make it relatable so it resonates with your audience. In creating, don’t be afraid to be different, to be bold and be innovative.

I hope this was helpful and a great reminder on somethings to focus on as you go through life. New post will be coming next week on “How to Create & Cultivate your Community using Social Media” with great tips on how to brand and market yourself, blog and business on social media to grow your impact and income. SUBSCRIBE to get notified when post goes live.

For more branding, blogging and business resources and strategies, get more details  and SIGN UP to my Membership Program and join my tribe. Here I share weekly content, strategies and challenges to help you grow and succeed. See you at the other side and have a great week.