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The Productivity Bundle - The Guide, Tools, Resources, Workbook, Planner & Journal Templates - Chigi's World
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The Productivity Bundle – The Guide, Tools, Resources, Workbook, Planner & Journal Templates


The Productivity Bundle is the perfect resource to help you transform your mindset, overcome limitations and break through barriers, so you can create successful habits, better structures and implement efficient systems and effective strategies to elevate your productivity level. These are the steps you need to take, to better manage your time, energy and resources, so you can reach your full potential, to be more productive and successful. It’s a step by step guide with the practical tools needed to for you to create a more purposeful, impactful and fulfilling life. It will improve the quality of your life and transform your experiences and most especially, your relationship with yourself and others.


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The Productivity Bundle is your path and tools for Personal Development, Productivity, Success and Fulfillment. It was created to help you win in your personal and professional life. Productivity isn’t about working harder or spending more time working to complete a never ending task list, it’s about intentionally focusing on the few tasks that will give you the highest results. It’s about working diligently and consistently to achieve your goals and make the most impact in your family or community. Productivity is also about working smarter to be more efficient and effective with your time, energy and resources. Many people struggle with managing their time and leveraging their resources, which is why we’ve created this bundle to help you rediscover, redefine what productivity means, so you can realign your priorities, set smarter goals, create a custom plan of action, implement better systems and strategies to execute and reach greater heights of success. These digital products helps improve your relationships and quality of life because it helps you identify and focus on what you need to do/must do, to have the freedom and flexibility to do the things you love/want to do.

The Productivity Bundle includes the following Digital Products

  1. The Productivity Guide  – This has 31 pages of content and illustrations. It helps you better understand productivity, the different components and factors affecting it, in addition to simple but effective systems and strategies that can be implemented instantly to improve your level of productivity and quality of life, personally and professionally.
  2. The Productivity Tools & Resources –  This is 13 pages of useful apps, tools and resources that you can use to streamline your work flow, automate tasks, delegate to your team, simplify your life and manage your life and various projects.
  3. The Productivity Workbook & Success Tools – This is a comprehensive 72 page workbook. It gives you a step by step guide to identify your biggest challenges and barriers with being more productive, so you can over come them and make changes instantly in your life. It also has a break down of my productivity framework to guide you on this journey to being a better version of yourself, realizing your full potential, making a positive impact in your community and living the life you desire. This workbook helps you transform your mindset, improve your structures, helps you create a plan of action, change your habits, implement more effective systems and execute your goals.
  4. The Productivity Planner & Manifestation Journal – This is a 46 page planner and journal to help you get clear on your vision, set your goals, plan your life and take daily steps to execute your plan. It helps also helps you process your feelings, learn from your experiences, transform your mind, have gratitude through the journey, reflect and realize your highest self as you manifest your dreams.


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