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Happy New Year - My Personal & Professional Goals for 2019 - Chigi's World
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Happy New Year – My Personal & Professional Goals for 2019

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Hi friends,

Happy New Year! I wish you all the blessings, opportunities and success this 2019 brings. ’I’m excited for the new experiences this year brings and I can’t wait to share it all with you.

What does 2019 mean to you? What do you need from 2019?

On your journey through life, you have to have a reflective and proactive attitude because to fully grow from your experiences and step into the next phase of your life, you need to be able to reflect, understand the challenges you’ve faced, take notes on lessons learned and be intentional and proactive about applying the lessons into your life to create the new experiences you want.

You have to be clear about what you want & have the boldness to ask for it because you’ll be surprised how many people have the answers/resources to your questions and are willing to help you, if you just open up and ask.

For me, 2019 means a year of more Love, Grace, Growth, Faith, Impact, Fulfillment of my purpose, Manifestation of more dreams and most especially the arrival of our precious miracle baby boy.

Also this New Year I need more personal & professional support as a new mother & working woman. I want to maintain a healthier, happier and fulfilled life while balancing all my roles and relationships. I want to work smarter and not necessarily harder to reach more people & make more impact in my community.

So, what are your goals and why?

What are the things you need to achieve these goals?

Who do you want to work with to help you achieve your goals and make a higher impact?

I’d love for you to brainstorm, strategize, create a plan and share the answers of these questions with me if you want. Click HERE and Get The Ultimate Business Plan for Creatives – Template & Guideline and below are some of the things to expect from me in 2019.

What to Expect in 2019 from Chigi’s World

As I enter into the 3rd trimester of my pregnancy, I’ll continue to share my Journey to Motherhood from my style to health and how my husband and I are preparing our home and changing our lives for the transition into parenthood. I’ll also be sharing more details on great baby brands and products we love, details of our baby showers, what to put on a baby registry, my birth plan, the reveal of our baby’s nursery and much more.

I’ll also be sharing my new life as a working mum. How to work smarter, be more organized and create multiple income streams to maintain a healthier, happier, flexible, more balanced and financial free lifestyle that gives me and many women the ability to spend quality time with our families while still doing things we’re passionate to pursue our dreams and impact the lives of people in our community.

Furthermore, I’ll be sharing my platform with other women who want to share their brand and creativity with the world by being a Guest Writer and/or joining me on our Behind the Magic Interview Series. I’ll also be collaborating with more people and organizations to do more community outreach to raise awareness on causes I’m passionate in, support and raise funds for organizations I love.

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  10. Digital Products, Mastermind & Membership Programs, Strategy Sessions, E-courses, Coaching Program, Book Club etc.

Is there any specific content you’ll like to see or resources you’d like me to share? Leave your comments below or Email Me at

As a Lifestyle Blog, there’s something for everyone because my goal is to “Empower women to turn their purpose into impact and profit, while maintaining a healthy, happy, successful, flexible and balanced life”. Women can truly have it all, all you need is to be  intentional about what you want, use support available to you, create a system that works for you and the life you want. Hope you have a wonderful day!