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Chigi's Book Club - January 2019 - Chigi's World
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Chigi’s Book Club – January 2019

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Hello Dear Friends,

How are you doing? I hope the New Year and New Week is treating you well. I know it can be challenging getting back into a routine after the long holiday away but it can be done and it’s necessary to get organized, focused and aligned so you can continue to work towards accomplishing your goals.

Last week I shared “My Personal & Professional Goals for 2019” and I mentioned I was adding some new things to my Blog. One of which is I’m starting a Book Club where I share a list of books I’m planning to ready each month to help me grow in different areas of my life. You are welcomed to join me in reading these great books that will impact our lives and while we read, we can chat about them, share ideas, lessons we learn and ask questions about it as needed. If you’re interested and planning to participate, leave a comment below so I can add you to our exclusive group.

For me this is about personal and professional development. One habit that most successful people have is that they read, they continue to seek knowledge and have a network of like minded people who they interact with to challenge themselves and also give as well as gain support.

For the month of January, we have only 2 books because it’s about quality and not necessarily quantity. Chigi’s Book Club will be reading the following books.

January Books

1.The 4-Hour Workweek – Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich by Timothy Ferris. I heard alot of great things about this book and this has been on my list to read because I want to learn more about working smart and not harder to make more impact and money, while creating the life of my dreams.

2. Becoming by Michelle Obama. First Lady Michelle Obama is one of my mentors. She is bold, brilliant, beautiful and totally bad ass to me, so I’m excited to read her memoir to get more insight into her life and learn from her.



Coming Up – February Books

1. The Purpose Driven Life – What On Earth Am I Here For? by Rick Warren.

2.Ideas, Influence, and Income – Write a Book, Build your Brand, and Lead your Industry by Tanya Hall.

3. Refinery29 Money Diaries – Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Your Finances and Everyone Else’s by Lindsey Stanberry.

Reading Tips

1. Click the Books above and order a copy of your book via my link on Amazon or get it on Kindle or via Audible for those of you who prefer a Digital or Audio version.

2. Schedule a time to read, which can be early morning before you start your day, middle of day during your lunch break or at night before you end your day.

3. Plan to read at least a chapter a day. Set your alarm daily to remind you and in time it will become a habit and a daily routine.

I hope this helps. I’m excited about this and as I said, if you’re planning to read along with me, if you have ideas of other great books we can read another month or if you have any questions, leave your comments below.  Have a nice day and lets start reading.