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Fun Facts and Fun Colors - Chigi's World
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Chigi's World Fun Facts and Fun Colors Asos Multi color cold shoulder stripe dress Ankarastyles Dashiki Kente Wax Print African Print Handbag Cobalt Blue Shoedazzle Wedges Bauble Bar Marquita Tassel Earrings YHF Los Angeles Retro Chic OOTD

Fun Facts and Fun Colors

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Good morning beautiful people,

Hope you had a good weekend? I had such a long and busy weekend working at the Pop Shop America Summer Festival with 3REEC’S. Being a vendor at such events is usually exhausting but yet so much fun. One of my missions has always been to inspire women through fashion to be confident, bold and fabulous regardless of what color, shape or size they are. The big smile and heartfelt words they share is what motivates me to continue my journey of touching lives through the different platforms, either by blogging about my personal style and giving style tips, or designing pieces for the everyday woman. My main goal remains the same which is to empower women.

Today I decided to share some more fun facts about myself. Just like the array of fun colors on this cold shoulder stripe dress from Asos, so are the different facts about me.

  1. My style is very interesting, it goes from elegant and classy to creative, fun and unique which also describes my personality. My style is colorful, just like my personality and my life.
  1. Growing up I was such a tomboy. I still am, but it’s a little diluted with my more girly side which I grew into probably in college. So now I describe myself as a girl tomboy lol….
  2. I dress up based on how I feel right in that moment and regardless of what I wear, I want to be comfortable, stylish and feel beautiful.
  3. My style is heavily inspired by women’s fashion in the 60s and 70s. That era in fashion was so fun and great and the color blocking on the dress and details speaks from that era which is why I decided to wear wedges and sunglasses to add a more vintage look.
  4. I love to make a bold statement with my style so the days of wearing all black and fading away has gone. I love items that are bold, beautiful and fabulous.

And other random facts about me are

  1. I’m very random. I can say or ask the most random questions at any time. lol I’m so in the moment.
  2. I love to sing but I love to dance even more. In my other life if ever there was such a thing, I was a performer.
  3. .. I’m clumsy. I can’t remember how many times I’ve tripped, spilled or knocked something down. My husband and I always have a big laugh about it, so you can call me a beautiful mess or a fabulous clutch.
  4. I’m very expressive. I literally communicate with my whole body, from my facial expression to my hand gestures and verbal cues, so nothing gets lost in translation. Also, I think my need for expression is what inspires me to write too. I love to also pencil down my thoughts and feelings or create things which is great but sometimes I talk a lot when I get very comfortable with people.
  5. I can be indecisive when I have so many options. This usually drives my husband nuts and I tell him to get used to it because he isn’t any better …lol.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post, you can shop my look via links below or go to the shop section for other similar looks. Have a colorful week.






Outfit Details

Dress – Multi colored Cold Shoulder Stripe Dress from ASOS (here).

Shoes – Cobalt Blue Wedges from Shoedazzle (here).

Handbag – Ankara Shoulder Bag from 3REEC’S – Chic Creations and Collections, sold out. Similar (here).

Earrings – Turquoise Tassel Earrings from Bauble Bar (here) sold out, similar here (here) or (here).

Sunglasses – YHF Los Angeles (here).

Makeup – Napolian Rose.

Eyelashes – Amazing Lashes Studio.