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It's all in the details - Lace, Ankara, Ruffles and Stripes - Chigi's World
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 • Beauty & Fashion  • It’s all in the details – Lace, Ankara, Ruffles and Stripes
It's all in the details - Lace, Ankara, Ruffles and Stripes H&M Lace Top 3reec's Ankara African Wax Print Dashiki A-line Skirt Macy's Nude Pumps SheIn Oversize Envelope Clutch Bag A'GACI Retro Vintage Sunglasses 60s 70s Fashion

It’s all in the details – Lace, Ankara, Ruffles and Stripes

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Hello darlings,

Happy new week. Do you agree that true beauty is all in the details. When those details are pieced together, they create the perfect picture and tell the perfect story. When you understand this, you’ll see the bigger picture that the beauty of life is in the details. It’s in the moments where you stop and breathe in the fresh air, when you feel the cool breeze on your face, when you laugh so hard that you almost start crying, when you meet people and connect, take a walk and appreciate nature etc. Those moments, those snapshots in time create the best memories. They make you alive so you’re not just existing but you’re truly living. Those moments in time tell a story and they take your breath away and make life worth living.

This shoot was one of those that I was in awe of the beauty of my surroundings. I wanted to capture the beauty of the garden as well as the details of my look in the delicate ruffled lace top and Ankara A-line skirt, which was my modern twist of a retro and classic style. Apart from that, in this moment I wanted to also capture ME. I’m such a happy and playful person so I felt the need to have fun and just feel and embrace the environment, which I did from skipping to dancing to twirling like I was the Queen of the Estate and I was in my secret garden (LOL). It was such a fun and great experience and as you can imagine, after twirling my friend/photographer had to hold me up a couple of times so I didn’t fall to the ground from getting dizzy. It was such an epic moment, we laughed so hard until we started crying.

Lessons of the day:

  1. Life is too short not to live it.
  2. Plan for the future but live in the present.
  3. NOW, is all that’s guaranteed in life so live it fully and enjoy it.
  4. Let your hair down, relax, have fun.
  5. Love hard, connect with people because that moment may make all the difference in their lives.
  6. Be yourself. Laugh when you need to and cry if that makes you feel better, then move on.
  7. Be appreciative and cherish each moment.



Outfit Details

Top – Lace Top from H&M (here), similar (here).

Skirt – A-line Skirt from 3REEC’S – Chic Creations and Collections, similar here (here).

Shoes – Nude Pumps from Steve Madden (here), Macy’s (here), Nordstrom (here).

Handbag – Envelope clutch purse from She In (here).