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Chic Galantine's Day Looks - Chigi's World
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Chic Galantine’s Day Looks

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Hi Chigsters!

Happy New Week!

Can you believe that 2020 just started and Valentine’s or should I say Galantines Day is in a couple of weeks.

Although many people think of Valentines Day as a day for couples to just celebrate romance, but it’s more than that. I think it should be a day and season to also celebrate and honor all types of love and relationships weather it’s between couples, friends, siblings, parents and children etc.

I remember I started celebrating Galentines with my girlfriends more than 15 years ago. We were in college, still single and instead of staying indoors and complaining about being single and feeling left out when we’d see couples going out, we decided to still have fun by going out to celebrate our our friendship and our sisterhood. Most times we’d all get together to see a movie, have dinner together, catch up, laugh and just enjoy each others company. We created wonderful memories doing that.

So, fast forward to a few years ago after I moved to the Greater Houston area and started blogging, the lovely Chimee @aroundthewaygyrl was the first person who invited me out to her annual Galentines Day Event and since then we’ve supported each other on this blogging and entrepreneurship journey. So as we celebrate Galantines Day draws near, we want to encourage you to also celebrate the great female friendships you have in your life and for the impact they have on you. Cheers!

If you’re looking for something to do with your friends, check out Chimees blog post HERE. I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope it inspires you to do something. You can shop our similar looks via links below.