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Bow Ties or Tutu Skirts - Our Baby's Gender Reveal - Chigi's World
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Bow Ties or Tutu Skirts – Our Baby’s Gender Reveal

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Hi Darlings!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday with loved ones. This season is a great time to reflect and celebrate all your blessings and wins, despite the challenges. This year, we had a lot to be grateful for, so thanksgiving was extra special for my family and I. Read this post carefully as I share a summary of our 6 year journey to parenthood and our Baby’s Gender Reveal.

After more than 6 years of praying, fasting, planning, watching, waiting, getting frustrated, feeling sad, having faith, hoping, actively trying for a baby and holding on to Gods promise, we finally got pregnant this year on our first round of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatments. This whole journey has been like a rollercoaster and even going through IVF had its ups and downs because after all the poking, prodding, testing, excitement and side effects of the treatment, I had about 30 follicles, 15 eggs were retrieved at the end of the procedure, only 9 eggs were matured and after they were fertilized, only 2 succeeded in growing into a Blastocyst and after they were put back into my uterus, only 1 embryo implanted.

Through it all, we had to have relentless faith. Hence this baby is not only our miracle child that was promised to us, but is such a blessed and anointed child who has been chosen for greatness. This child is also our MVP who has thrived excellently well and now we have officially crossed into the 2nd half of our pregnancy. Saying we are excited will be an understatement because words can’t describe the joy and gratitude we feel. As each day passes, our love and bond for our precious miracle baby grows and we are now ready to share our baby’s gender with you all.

So, what do you think we are having? Is it going to be a Boy or Girl? Well I was very anxious to know this whole time. I didn’t have any preference but I just wanted to know so I can make more specific plans for the baby, shop for more specific things and start narrowing down on baby names. So, although I was tempted to do the blood work at 12 weeks to find out the gender, I decided to be patient and find out on my birthday via ultrasound when baby would be 19 weeks and once again that process wasn’t straight forward. At this point I’ve concluded that this baby is going to keep us entertained in a good way at every stage of its life.

On the day of my 3D Ultrasound to get a better look at our baby and find out the gender, I forgot to drink some juice to wake the baby as I was advised by others. So, when we got there, this baby was very much asleep and didn’t want to be bothered. It was sucking on one hand while the other hand covered its genitals as it slept peacefully. No matter how much I coughed, moved or re-positioned myself, our little angel refused to move its hands, but eventually our Ultrasound technician said saw 3 lines and It’s a Girl.

This was very funny and although we were excited, we had to mentally adjust to that news my husband (Michael) and I already both dreamt and felt so convicted in our spirit that we were having a boy. Although, at the back of my mind I thought it will be hilarious if after all the dreams we would have a girl as a big surprise. Luckily Michael had an Ensure protein shake in his car, so I insisted on still drinking it so our baby would move around more so we could get a better look at it since my placenta was anterior and so much in the way.

Once I had the drink, baby started waking up and eventually moved both hands to change positions and in the process our ultrasound tech immediately said it might be a boy because she thought she saw male genitals. So, for the next few seconds which felt so much longer, we were in limbo trying to confirm if it was a boy or girl and eventually, we got the finally confirmation we needed and clearly saw on the picture on the screen that our miracle baby is actually a precious and entertaining baby boy who loves his sleep and privacy.

We are so in love with our little angel and can’t wait to welcome him into the world. Not only is he going to be our first child and the first grandchild to my parents by the grace of God, he’s also going to be our first son, our parents first grandson and my grandmothers first great grandson. We all cannot wait to meet him, raise him, play with him and shower him with lots of love every moment of his life.


All we wanted this year for our Birthdays, 6 Year Wedding Anniversary & Christmas gifts was our own beautiful baby and we feel so blessed to be in this new phase in our lives & can’t wait to share our journey with you all as we prepare for our son and transition into the next chapter of our lives as parents. Thank you for all your love & support on our journey. As for those waiting on their miracle babies, we join our faith to yours & continue to pray for you. Hold on to Gods promises, never lose hope and continue to live life with passion and purpose and at Gods perfect time, you’ll get all that your heart desires.


If you need more details, support & resources on Fertility Issues, IVF or just on Women’s Reproductive Health or if you want to join my Private Facebook Support Group for Women facing similar challenges around the world, Email me at lets connect.


I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post? Leave any comments, feedback or questions below and click on the linked items below some of the pictures for more details on our outfits and props in this photoshoot. Also, later this week I’ll be hosting an Exclusive Giveaway (must Subscribe to my Blog to Enter to Win) as I share more information on “How to Plan a Gender Reveal Party” for yourself or loved ones which will include ideas on themes, where and how to shop, what to buy, how to set up, how to announce the gender, how to create your own photoshoot and what to wear. Finally, a big Thank You to my cousin Chichi and her husband who came out last minute on a Sunday to be our photographers for the day. We love and appreciate you all. Have a beautiful and blessed day.