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Fun Red Dress Boutique Looks for All Season - Sales Up to 75% OFF - Chigi's World
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Fun Red Dress Boutique Looks for All Season – Sales Up to 75% OFF

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Hi Ladies!

How are you feeling and how’s your week going? I can’t help but say that it feels so good here in Houston. It seems like the cold front we had the past few weeks has passed and I’m loving it. The weather is so beautiful and we’re back at wearing lighter clothing. Hence, I’ve decided to share some fun pieces Red Dress Boutique Looks which can be worn across all season an I plan to take some of these pieces as I head to Florida in a few weeks for our Babymoon.

You’re probably wondering how you can wear cute summer dresses in Fall and Winter. It’s super easy and I’m going to tell you how.

1.Layering – This is a great way to style your lighter summer clothes, so you can still wear them when the weather gets cold. You can layer the traditional way with sweaters, cardigans, blazers, jackets, coats and vests which I’ve linked below. You can also layer the non traditional way by wearing a skirt over a dress, a top over a dress or even by wearing 2 different styles and length of tops and dresses. Can you picture this?





Coats & Vests


2.Accessorizing – This is another great way to rock your summer clothes. You can simply wear boots and booties with your outfit for a warmer feel, or add accessories like hats, scarves, wear tights, leggings, other types of pants underneath a lot of these dresses and even wear socks with your sandals if you need to.

Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 


Also, none of these outfits are maternity clothes but the great thing about them is the cut and fit is perfect, which allows you to wear them at different stages of your pregnancy. I also love the vibrant colors, fun prints and style of these pieces. Whoever said you can’t wear bold and bright pieces for Fall/Winter is lying to you.

I also want to dispel the myth that you can’t be fabulous and sexy while pregnant. Everyone has a different style and while you want to be more comfortable and functional during this time of your life, you can do that while looking stylish. You don’t have to lose yourself and style in frumpy clothes and although you may have days you feel huge, bloated, swollen and not so beautiful, give yourself grace and remember that you are doing something amazing which is creating and sustaining life within you, and that’s a miracle.

Go ahead and swipe through the pics and Click on the pictures for more details and to shop these looks and more. I love Red Dress Boutique because they always have fun, functional, comfortable and affordable clothes for every season. They also have great sales and right now they have items up to 75% OFF so check them out. If you have any comments or further questions on how to style the different pieces, leave them below. Coming soon on the blog, I’ll be sharing some more looks great for the expectant mother and talk more about confidence and body image as a woman especially while pregnant.

Have a beautiful day!



Sales – Up to 75% OFF


Mini & Midi Dresses


Maxi Dresses


Jumpsuits & 2 Piece Sets