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10 Reasons why I'm Grateful to God for being Diagnosed with PCOS & Dealing with Infertility - Chigi's World
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10 Reasons why I’m Grateful to God for being Diagnosed with PCOS & Dealing with Infertility

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Hi friends,

I hope everyone had an amazing Father’s Day weekend. I know moments like this are supposed to be a time of joy to spend with loved ones but sometimes it can be difficult for those who have lost their Dad or for people who never knew their father.  So even if your biological Father was not there or is no longer present, I hope you have other men in your life who are father figures. But most especially I want you to remember that you have a heavenly Father who loves you unconditionally and is always there for you through all seasons and situations of your life. His mercy is endless, and his grace is abundant, so learn to lean on Him, stay connected to Him, understand Him, listen to Him and sync your spirit with Him. By doing so His spirit, His power and His blessings can easily flow through you, so that your mindset and attitude can be transformed. Then you can start walking, talking, and acting like royalty because He is the one and only almighty king and we all, are His children.

Today I wanted to share 10 reasons why I am grateful to God for the lessons I’ve learned from being diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and dealing with infertility. I know to some that may sound weird at first, but I hope you take the time to read every point I share and let it sink in, so you can fully understand the magnitude of what I’m saying and truly understand the power of God.

  1. Struggling with the difficulty of getting pregnant taught me patience and how to maintain my posture with purpose and poise. After dealing with the roller-coaster of emotions, multiple disappointments, being ‘mad’ at God and going through the grieving process, I came back to God and learned to do my own part which is to take care of myself, have complete trust in God, surrender the process and outcome to Him and patiently stay in my lane and wait in faith and thanksgiving.
  1. I’ve learned to constantly connect and communicate with God, even when I was hurt, mad, angry, sad and disappointed. During this process I learned so much about myself and about God. I’ve realized that despite what we go through, God is always there walking with us, comforting us and teaching us. Also, regardless of what we feel, whether it’s good, bad or ugly, God can handle it. I learned that regardless of my feelings, just showing up and having an honest conversation with Him about my life was therapeutic; it strengthened our relationship, it helped me heal and I stopped stressing about it. It also became easier for me to communicate my feelings and beliefs with my husband and inner circle of family/friends.
  1. It taught me how to remain focused on God, always seek his will, listen to His purpose for my life and just obey. I learned to step out in faith and do what he requires of me which is to continue to live my life happily and change my posture and attitude from anxiously asking for children to being thankful for my children to come and all the other blessings in my life.
  1. It taught me to love myself more, to be more confident and comfortable in who I am especially when my physical body at times seems different from what society considers beautiful, e.g. weight gain, hirsutism, alopecia, bloating from PCOS. It also thought me to base my self-worth and identity on what God has said about me instead of what society think of me. I was reminded that before God created each one of us, He had a purpose, and based on that purpose He uniquely designed each one of us to fulfill that unique purpose. Therefore, the moment we were born, we were valuable, we were worthy, and we were enough. Our self-worth is not based on our look, size, shape, color, marital status, our womb or how many children, male or female children you have. We are already worthy and enough just the way we are because of Gods unconditional love, abundant grace and divine plans for us.
  1. Dealing with infertility has thought me strength, resilience and persistence. I didn’t realize how strong my husband and I were individually and collectively until we went through this. It strengthened our relationship because we learned to have honest conversations about our mental states, our emotions and beliefs, and learned to support each other. Every time we thought we had reached our limit and our breaking point, we realized that we were elastic, and we could still stretch and grow, so we kept on loving and leaning on God and each other and kept on growing in faith.
  1. Although this has been one of the most difficult things I’ve experienced, it has also been one of the best in terms of educational value. Living with PCOS and dealing with the road blocks (physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, systematically) in trying to have children (biological and adopted) challenged me. It helped me fully understand my potential, my purpose, my power in God and I was able to fully step into it, find my voice and start talking, walking and doing what I was born to do. Just like the phoenix through the ashes, my purpose has been realized through the pain and process of things I’ve experienced in my life, so I have learned to rise to every challenge and face it head on and always look at it as a winning moment to show who I am and whose I am.
  1. My journey helped me find the most amazing people. From family to friends and even strangers, I have been blessed to have people support us, encourage us and have boldly joined their faith and prayers to ours and I am forever grateful for such love which is a great reflection of God’s love for us.
  1. It has helped me appreciate life more; from the air I breathe to just enjoying the people God has called me to serve. I realized that while I’ve been waiting for my children, I couldn’t put my life on hold. I was reminded that life is a precious gift that needs to be cherished, appreciated and enjoyed. While waiting for my children, I saw the blessing in the moment and season and started using the time to enjoy more quality time with my husband and loved ones. I also used the time to live life more boldly by detoxing and decluttering my life while doing more of the things I love with the people I love the most, e.g. starting my businesses and helping other people realize their purpose and potential.
  1. It helped me be kind to my body and appreciate it even more by making healthier choices about what I ate, about exercising to get stronger, by managing stress and doing things to strengthen and align my mind, body and soul. This has made me function on a higher, healthier and happier level and it has helped me live my life in a state of faith and thanksgiving.
  1. It helped me restructure my life and my businesses, so I was in alignment with my purpose. I was able to tap into my love and unique knowledge, experience and resources in beauty, fashion, health, wellness, fitness, and people to create a new life and new opportunities. Therefore, I’m able to now show up more authentically as my best to use what I must to make an impact in my community while living a more fun, fulfilled, financially free and flexible life with my family, my friends and my forever growing community of supporters.

As human beings we are not perfect therefore the world we live in isn’t. Although our journey through life may take us through roads that may be difficult at first, we must be ready to keep matching on in obedience and in faith, which therefore makes us stronger. I’m infinitely grateful to God for helping me to deal with them and learn appropriate lessons which I’m happy to share.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and I pray it resonates with you. I am open for any comments, questions and feedback which you can leave below. For a free consultation click HERE and complete the form to get scheduled. I truly love and appreciate you all. Have a blessed day.



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