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10 Gift Ideas Without Spending Money - Chigi's World
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10 Gift Ideas Without Spending Money

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The Christmas season and holiday is a time of giving which may stress some people and put a financial strain on others because most people equate giving to spending which isn’t always the case. So, this is a reminder that the word or season of giving is a great thing, it’s a great time.

The act of giving is another way to show love and to serve but here are 3 ways you can give without spending money this holiday

  1. Go through your home, closet, storage and find new unused things you can give to people as a gift or even gently used or worn that you can regift to someone else.
  2. Give the gift of your presence to your loved ones by spending quality time with them. Make out time for people over the holidays, catch up on life and just enjoy simple moments with them. You can accompany them somewhere, do something fun that they love or simple sit, listen and chat with them. You can even take it a step further by spending time with people who you know are alone over the holidays like people in the nursing home.
  3. To love is to serve so another way you can give over the holidays is to serve. Give the gift of service by volunteering yourself and/or sharing your special skills or services you provide to some people to show your love and gratitude.
  4. Another great gift for all my DIY, Arts and Craft lovers is to create something yourself like knitting a scarf, creating a scrapbook of memories of something that doesn’t cost you money by is yet beautiful and meaningful to a loved one.
  5. Next is to give the gift of words by writing a note, email, card or just calling that special person in your life to express your appreciation and love for them. Physical things are great but words, attitudes, actions showing your affection for someone are priceless.
  6. A great way to be a blessing to someone and give them something meaningful is by bridging the gap between people, is by bringing people together, help mend relationships or simply refer people/clients to their business, connect them with significant people partners sponsors or investor that can help grow their business.
  7. Simply give someone a smile or a hug to brighten their day.
  8. Give the gift of food. Do something easy like make a meal or set up a picnic for a loved one.
  9. Re-gift gift cards that you received in the past that may not have been used.
  10. Give out your frequent flyer miles