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Teal we Spring a Break - Chigi's World
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Teal we Spring a Break

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Happy New Week! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend because I know I did. It was great being back home after being away for 1 week for work. For many who don’t know me, I am a Nurse Practitioner so “Yes” I am a woman who has a passion for Health, Fashion and everything else in between.

I know I’ve been “MIA” for a few weeks but it’s been for a good reason, “I Promise”. I’ll update you all soon enough with specific details, from working on new designs and photo shoots to update my store for 3reeC’s (Chic Creations and Collections, LLC.) to other projects we’ve been working on under BIH (Bosses in Heels, LLC.) to support small business owners and to empower women in business and leadership roles.

I also hope Spring Break was everything you hoped it would be and then some. Spring is like a Friday, full of life and possibilities that the hard part (Winter or the Work week) is over and it’s time to inhale the fresh fragrance, play under the rainbows and dance with the flowers under the golden star. Spring is my favorite, it’s an awakening so make every moment count. Have a fabulous week!




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Outfit Details

Head Wrap – 3reeC’s – Chic Creations and Collections.

Lipstick – Heroine by MAC Cosmetics.

Necklace – Earthtone Vixen Neckpiece by Sincerely Yours, Sade’

Top – Black Peplum from JCPenny

Skirt – Vintage Style Floral Midi Skirt by 3reeC’s

Shoes – T-Strap Sandals by Signature (Get Similar Here)