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My Journey with PCOS & Infertility - Part 2 - Chigi's World
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My Journey with PCOS & Infertility – Part 2

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Happy new week my loves,


Hope you had a really great weekend. The weekend is a great time to rest, reflect, refresh and refocus. This helps me see and appreciate your blessings and helps you stay grounded. I also use the time to focus on what my goals are and how I’m working towards it.


About 3 weeks ago I publicly shared my story with being diagnosed with PCOS and how I’ve had issues with infertility so for a recap read “My Journey with PCOS & Infertility – Part 1“. I shared my story because although very personal, it is something a lot of women deal with and God placed it in my heart to share it so we as a community can talk more about it, support each other and change our culture of negativity, silence and secrecy over some topics considered a taboo.


I have learned that there is something dark that comes alive when we keep quiet about a topic or an issue. It almost feels like we are in denial or pretending it doesn’t exist which then adds to feelings of isolation for those people who are experiencing it. It also adds to the fear, anxiety, shame, helplessness and stigma that comes with it.


I know it can be hard or awkward sometimes but if we learn to take a step of faith and be brave to talk about things that sometimes make us uncomfortable or vulnerable, or ask questions about things we don’t understand, we regain our power.


By taking control of our story and the narrative we share, we start raising awareness. Also, as you talk and share, you realize that you are not alone and so much good can be done from being honest and open. Secrets and silence are like dark holes that get stronger with time and can start to sap your energy and happiness away but when you find your voice and share, your truth, it’s like a ray of sunshine that comes in and drives the darkness away. It not only brightens your life, but it actually restores your power, your happiness and joy which is very liberating.


Well since sharing my story, I’ve been so overwhelmed at the amount of love and support I’ve gotten from both men and women, family, friends and even strangers. So many people have also shared their own encounters with infertility or people who have them and it’s actually more common than people realize. I’m glad I shared my story and through that have made great connections and expanding my support system. I’ll continue to find ways to share more resources and to do more to contribute towards raising awareness and funds to support people dealing with it because while the emotional roller coaster is hard, the barriers to solutions like resources and financial support is very frustrating and shaking. I’ll share more about this in the next post but today I want to share what I’ve been going through the past week.


The past week has been so interesting and surreal. We made a decision to get a personal loan to finance our IVF procedure and since we got the funds, I’ve been walking around like I’m pregnant. Have you ever believed in something so much and dreamt so hard about it that it becomes tangible and so real that you start feeling it, walking and talking like it already happened even if it cannot be seen yet?


Well my friends that’s me right now. I’m walking on cloud 9 because I start doing my labs this week and will start on some medications to initiate the IVF process and I’m beyond ecstatic. I’m having conversations with hubby about our children, planning my maternity leave and have started to think about how we’re going to baby proof the house and decorate our babies room.


To some people, I may sound and look crazy but let me tell you something. Life hasn’t been peachy and my life is far from perfect, but my faith in God and in who I am to him has gotten be through so much and has turned my trials into testimonies. What God has done and will continue to do is much more than I or anyone can see. I also know the plans he has for us are great because he loves us unconditionally. My faith is unshakable, so please join me on my journey and join me in celebrating my miracle babies that will arrive in 2019 and just as you have prayed, encouraged and supported me, you will forever be blessed and celebrated. For more information on PCOS or Infertility, click HERE. If you need me to join my faith to yours and pray with you over anything you have also been going through, leave a message below or send via email

Have a beautiful day,