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International Coffee Day - My Favorite KETO Coffee - Chigi's World
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International Coffee Day – My Favorite KETO Coffee

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Happy #InternationalCoffeeDay

Did you know that research is showing that greater consumption of coffee may increase your life span? They think the ingredients in the coffee as well as the lifestyle, psychological effects and relaxed attitude to this habit is very beneficial because evidence has shown a decrease in diabetes, heart disease, stroke, respiratory disease and possible kidney disease for avid coffee drinkers. Also studies are showing it has neuro protective and anti-inflammatory properties which is beneficial in preventing or managing some neurological and inflammatory diseases.

What is a Keto Diet and Lifestyle?

A Keto lifestyle is a way of life, that helps people reach ketosis faster. Ketosis is the metabolic state where the body burns fat for energy and for many people looking to manage their weight and metabolic diseases like Diabetes, this is a great diet. The Key principle is to maintain a diet high in good fats/oils, consume less of the bad fats/oils, less carbohydrate and moderate protein, so the body can burn more of the fat to produce energy.

There are different ways to reach ketosis quicker, from the food and drinks, to the Keto products you consume. Therefore, Keto Coffee is a special type of coffee that has more ingredients for better effects on health mentally & psychically.

How did I start my Keto journey?

I was never a Coffee drinker until I started my KETO Lifestyle a few months ago to get healthier, manage my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) & get pregnant. My OB/GYN had given me specific dietary & lifestyle recommendations which were in alignment with the Keto Lifestyle. So while researching the Keto diet, I stumbled upon a Brand Ambassador of It Works Global who shared more details with me. The company creates only plant-based beauty and health products, and one of the things I noticed was their line of Keto products. After doing my own research on the brand, not only did I start the Keto diet, but I started drinking their Keto coffee and some other Keto products while exercising routinely, and in a month I lost about 12lbs. Also, once I tried the Keto Coffee which has MCT Oil, Grass-Fed Butter & Collagen, I was hooked.

Not only did I fall in love with the products, but I fell in love with the brands culture, values and story which I’ll be sharing in my next post. As for today, to celebrate International Coffee Day, I’m sharing how I drink my favorite Keto Coffee, the benefits, how to get a sample and the benefits of it.

What are the benefits of My Favorite Keto Coffee?

– It boosts energy
– It improves your mood
– It helps you focus & have better mental clarity.
– It burns fat & can help you lose/maintain weight
– It kills cravings & satisfies hunger
– It strengthens and maintains healthy bones, teeth, joints and skin

How do I drink My Keto Coffee?

My Favorite Way to Make my Keto Coffee is to mix the following

Keto Coffee + Hot Water + Chocolate Greens = Hot Keto Coffee that tastes likes Hot Chocolate Drink.

What if I’m not a Coffee Drinker?

You can get the other Keto drinks like the Keto Go (Energy Shot), Keto Energy (Keto Powder), Lemonade flavored Ketones and Keto Creamer which you can use for your smoothies, shakes or when baking.

How can I get Samples or Order some Keto Products?

If you’re interested in getting more details on the products, to get a sample of the Keto Coffee or place your order, email me with your questions and needs. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE PRODUCTS or PLACE YOUR ORDER HERE AND GET 40% OFF.  I’ll continue to share more details about my Keto Lifestyle, Diet, Recipes & other Keto Products later on the blog so make sure you SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG to stay connected, get updates and great giveaways. Have a productive week!