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Mindset & Monday Motivation - Chigi's World
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Mindset & Monday Motivation

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Happy Monday dear friends,

Today on my Instagram, I asked my community two important questions which I’d love for you to think about and answer below.

What’s your Monday mantra?

What type of Mindset do you have?

This is so important because your mindset which is your state of mind, determines your attitude, experiences, feelings and the outcome of your day and your life. Your mindset is determined by your set of beliefs, your values, the way you think and process information and your perspective about God, yourself, other people and life in general. Your mindset can either strengthen and build you up, or it can weaken you and break you down.

There are 2 major types of Mindset and although it’s more of a spectrum, people fall under having more of having an Abundance/Growth Mindset and others have more of a Scarcity/Stagnant Mindset. To simply break it down, by having an Abundance and Growth Mindset, you believe that everything you want is already within your reach and that you can always grow as a person and produce excellence. People with this mindset are generally optimistic about situations and always great at problem solving. Meanwhile, someone with a Scarcity and Stagnant mindset believes that your state at birth determines your life. Hence the don’t believe that there’s any room for growth and change. They are generally insecure and anxious about the future and having the life they want. Due to the mindset, they also feel that they never have enough and they have limited resources so they see other people as competition.

Some people think they have a specific type of mindset because they say positive things meanwhile they are the most fearful and pessimistic people in the way they think. It’s not what you say that determines your mindset. It can help but it’s ultimately what you believe and feel in your core that determines what experiences you have. Your mindset determines your actions and as you may have heard, by their fruits you will know them. What you believe and how you think influences your actions and reactions especially when life becomes challenging.

I hope this has given you something to think about. I’ll be sharing more in the next couple of weeks on mindset, what affects your perspective, how to evaluate, transform your state of mind and maintain a healthy mindset, how to overcome mindset blocks, how to harness your full potential, focus on your purpose and the tools and resources that should be part of your daily routine to make it all happen.

Remember, what you feed your mind is what your life becomes. Every day, remind yourself that you are blessed, you are beautiful, you are brilliant and you are destined for great things.

Take care,