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Love and Basketball - A Tribute to Kobe Bryant - Chigi's World
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 • Behind the Magic  • Love and Basketball – A Tribute to Kobe Bryant

Love and Basketball – A Tribute to Kobe Bryant

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As far back as I can remember, I’ve always loved purple and yellow.

My love for this combination, came from my love for the LA Lakers.

And my love for basketball was all because of my love for Kobe Bryant.


I loved his passion, his drive, his swag, energy and pure love for basketball.

He was electric on the court and his confidence was unmatched.

My love for the man in number 8 and then 24 is what made me love the game.

And when I met my husband, our love for basketball, admiration for Kobe and loyalty to the LA Lakers is one thing that we had in common.

We honestly may have loved each other a little more just because of that.


It’s no mistake that our wedding colors were Purple, Yellow and Gold.

It was such an easy decision to make when marrying another Laker fan.

And when we wanted to watch our first live basketball game together,

There was no doubt that it would be a Lakers game.


As an adult, I started to learn more about the man himself and grew to appreciate him even more.

He was intelligent, focused and just fearless.

His mamba mentality and work ethic were fire.

He loved all his girls, from Vanessa to their baby girls.

He was also a proud girl dad and as a daddy’s girl myself,

I can imagine how special he made them all feel.


For me Basketball is synonymous with Kobe Bryant.

Nobody played the game like he did and nobody loved the game like he did.

He definitely lived life to the fullest, because he always gave each day, each moment his all.


There’ll never be anyone like Kobe.

He transcended his wildest dreams and was great beyond basketball.

He broke barriers to reach people on different teams and different worlds.

Kobe is the reason I’m a Lakers fan for life

There will never be love and basketball without Kobe Bryant.


Rest in Peace Kobe

Mamba may be out for now but your legacy will always live on

You always wanted to be the greatest Basketball player

And you are certainly the greatest of all time for me

But you are also one of the greatest girl dads ever

While alive you made such an impact but, in your death, you transformed people.

The world is forever changed because of you.

Rest in Perfect Peace and Power,

Your #1 fan