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Highlights of NYFW Day 2 - Chigi's World
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Highlights of NYFW Day 2

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NYFW Day 2 was one of my favorite days. I was definitely more prepared and comfortable navigating through my shows by creating a schedule, setting alarm clocks and most importantly, I made sure I had a change of shoes (LOL).

I had such an amazing day starting with a quick photoshoot with my photographer Sofia Emm, then I had the pleasure of meeting Anita, the Designer, Creative Director and CEO of Siammpatra. We met on Instagram sometime last year, we connected instantly and had so much respect for each other and soon after I became one of the Brand Ambassadors for her company. Since then we’ve both supported each others journey and it was such a great moment finally meeting in person. We had fun getting to know ourselves better and sharing some of our life stories, passions and upcoming projects. Also, we spontaneously did our first Instagram Live video together which was so exhilarating. One of the best things about blogging is the opportunity I get to meet and connect with so many amazing and talented people who are also genuinely good and kind.


As for my shows, after Anita left I had multiple events to attend but due to time and scheduling, I was only able to attend 3 fashion shows and a party; All Comes From Nothing – Nolcha Runway Show, Vaishali Runway Show, Michael Costello Presentation and a Style Collective Party. In between all that, I grabbed lunch with some of my blogger friends and chatted with some other blogger babes I ran into. At the party, it was great meeting other bloggers from different parts of the country, and the best part was meeting my Style Collective sisters and old blogger friends.  It’s always fun spending time and chatting with people who share a similar interest and can easily relate with and learn from in this industry. Having a tribe is always a great help navigating this world and Annie Spano the founder of Style Collective has done such an amazing job bringing everyone together. I was actually looking forward to meeting her that day but I had a wardrobe malfunction at the end of the night which interfered with my plans.

This was such a beautiful and functional collection to take you from desk to dinner. I loved the colors, stripe details, loose fit and layering of the collection. A great collection that can easily be worn through out the different seasons.


Loved the soft and beautiful fabrics and the delicate details and dimensions. The collection was also very feminine and elegant.


One of the biggest highlights of my day and trip was attending the Michael Costello Presentation and getting to meet and chat with him. He was very warm and seemed like a genuinely nice guy. I always love when successful and famous people are kind and humble, it’s always so refreshing. His collection was stunning. I loved the beauty of his fabrics, from the texture to the diversity, he created a collection that wasn’t just beautiful, but was also romantic and dreamy. It honestly made me want to be a bride all over again (LOL). It’s good I’m planning to have a 10 years vow renewal ceremony because it will be such a dream come true to wear something from his collection.

I hope you enjoyed the collection. For more info on the designers or how to shop their collection, click on their names above.