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Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Celebrating in Style with Henri Bendel - Chigi's World
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Girls Just Want to Have Fun – Celebrating in Style with Henri Bendel

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Hi my loves!

My blog turned 2 years this month and to celebrate the milestone, I decided to do something fun with the dynamic women I’ve met on my journey. Blogging is so many things for different people but to me blogging was a way to come out of my shell, overcome my fears, share my story, start living my dreams and to inspire other women to find their voice, use it and live their best life with purpose, grace and style.

Also, by sharing my story, I wanted to connect with like-minded women to not only create but to cultivate a tribe of women who will support and empower each other as a community and change the stereotypical narrative that women only compete with each other and can never get along. So, despite the ups and downs of going from the healthcare industry into the blogging/influencer industry, I was glad to find women who shared my values. Also, I quickly realized that the most important thing about this journey and my platform has been the amazing people I’ve met, the connections I’ve made, the great relationships I’ve developed and community I’ve cultivated from being just myself, the Chigi that God created me to be.

So, to celebrate I reached out to one of my favorite brands Henri Bendel New York, the ultimate girl’s playground because I knew it would be a great place to enjoy a fun girl’s night out while having having cocktails, networking but also shopping the beautiful and unique handbags and accessories that every woman should have. In my opinion, every woman needs to be a Bendel Girl.

This event was also a great way to give back to one of my favorite local organization Great Girls Global (3G). It’s a local nonprofit to educate young women in leadership, financial literacy and community service, so we donated 10% of proceeds to their cause and their Founder Ashley Martin also came out to network with other dynamic women in the city.

The event for perfect. We had fun, we laughed, new connections were made and it was amazing to be surrounded and supported by other creative, ambitious and successful women. As I always say, there is so much power when women support each others wins, instead of feeling intimated. When we all link up and shine together, our community and our world is a much brighter, happier and productive place.

Thank you all for celebrating with me. The event ended beautifully with Cherese winning the Raffle Prize so she got to pick her favorite Henri Bendel Handbag. Thank you Henri Bendel for having us and a big shout out to Luv Angela Marie Studios for capturing the beautiful event and moments.

I love you all,