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Gender Neutral Baby Room Reveal - Chigi's World
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Gender Neutral Baby Room Reveal

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Hello Darlings,

I hope you’re having a wonderful week. Today I’m sharing details of my son’s bedroom. During my pregnancy I kept on going back and forth between themes for his room until I decided to personalize it to who I hope he’ll be which is Jax the Explorer, but I also wanted it to be gender neutral and functional.

I want him to grow up loving to travel, learning about new things, different people and cultures as his imagination, creativity and dreams grows. So although I tried to keep his space minimal, I filled it with different things I hope he’ll one day love like books, stuffed toys, cars, world globe, cards from loved ones and decorations from different parts of the world to educate him, nurture his young developing mind and tokens of great memories and milestones so he always cherishes the wonderful moments and remembers how loved and blessed he is.

His room is still a work in progress because I like to take my time to find things I love to add in a space. I also plan to add more decor pieces as we continue to capture more moments as a family and different milestones in his life. I’m also thinking of adding a map of the world on the wall so we can plan out our adventures with him and to encourage him to always dream big and travel wide.

Here are the details of what’s in his room so far and a wish list of what we’re adding. I hope you love it. Click the pictures to shop.