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Fall Fashion Essentials - Suits & Sneakers - Chigi's World
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Fall Fashion Essentials – Suits & Sneakers

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Hi Style Lovers,

What is your favorite season and what is your favorite Fall Fashion Essential? Fall & Spring are my favorite seasons and I love a good Suit & Sneakers look.

I love how beautiful it is when the trees and plants start to change its colors during this Season. I also love the coolness of it, how the atmosphere transforms, the change in peoples vibes and how they transition their style. Fall is also very special to me because of my birthday in November, all the festivities that kick off right after that and the amazing time you spend with loved ones during the holidays.

Some of my favorite Fall Fashion Essentials are Suits & Sneakers and they can be worn in so many different ways. You can create a dressed up look with your Suit by wearing pumps or booties to go to work or a formal event, but you can also dress it down with Sneakers, Mules or Flats. You can also wear your Suits in a matching monochrome style or mix up your suit pieces, prints, patterns and colors. You can also wear your suit sets separately for a more semi formal look. For different looks, you can wear your pants with a T-shirt, Sweater, Camisole or Tank top and Bomber Jacket. Also if you’re not a pants girl, you can wear your longer Blazers as a Dress with Sneakers, Booties or Boots and you’ll still look fabulous. What’s your go to look when wearing Suit pieces or sneakers this season? If you haven’t tried these looks before, now is a great time to switch up your wardrobe & have some fun with your look.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. To shop some of my favorite Suit & Sneakers, Click the pictures below and use my link. You can also tag me on social media (@chigisworld) after you’re done shopping & styling yourself. If you have more questions or need a Wardrobe Edit & Style Consultation, email I can’t wait to see what you all create.


Suit Jackets (Solids)


Suit Pants (Solids)


Suit Jackets (Prints & Patterns)


Suit Pants (Prints & Patterns)


Blazer Dresses


Sneakers (Solids)


Sneakers (Prints & Patterns)